Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Want advice for kitchen re-do!

I've been wanting to paint our kitchen cabinets and our walls for a while now. We have the opportunity to repaint the walls when our house is getting fixed due to Ike, so I've been thinking about what we should do! We're also hoping/planning on putting our house on the market soon after everything is fixed, so all the changes need to be to improve selling.  Here are a few pictures of our kitchen and eat in dining, and some "Ideas".  Just for fun, I'd love to hear your opinions! We might not end up doing anything, but hey; just in case! Visit my poll on the right side and cast your vote!

This is our eat in dining, attached to our kitchen
Another view 
We have all stainless appliances except the stove, which we've talked about upgrading to sell the house. This is one side of our kitchen. Do you see the flowers? Those were "just because". Aw, my husband rocks.
And this is the other side. We have a really large kitchen and lots of cabinets! Do you see the crockpot? I"m cooking a roast! yum
This is a close up of the cabinets. They're pre-fab, very flat cabinets. This is why I thought painting them would help. What do you think; help or hurt?
Here is an example of white painted cabinets, that look a little like ours. Do you like the white?
Here's another example of white cabinets with a cinnamon wall.  I really like the wall color, but it might make the kitchen look too dark; especially if the cabinets are black. What do you think?
Edwin and I both like the yellow wall. Right now they're a beige color, so it wouldn't be a dramatic change; just a little more pop in color. 
These cabinets are dark brown, but I dont like it as much as the black below. The countertops look a lot like ours, and I dont think the brown is a good color. Do you?
Here are painted black cabinets with a red wall. I really like the black cabinets more than the white. I don't like the red wall, but wanted to show you an example of the black cabinets


  1. I am just wondering what you chose? I too am thinking of how to update my kitchen on a budget. We've got the stainless steel appliances (dishwasher, fridge, microwave), the 30 year old out dated cabinets, new stainless steel hardware (target has the cheapest price...under $80 for over 26 cabinets) and our wall is currently the exact same shade as the yellow kitchen that you and your husband like. I am thinking of doing earth tones like the first picture you have and painting the cabinets white or off-white myself. Anyways, I am curious as to what you decided and if you have any cabinets painting tips for me. How long did it take you to paint them and were you able to manage with the kiddies around??

    Thank you for your post.

  2. Keri, we actually didnt do anything! Our realtor suggested leaving the cabinets alone! We put in new tile floors (18 inch) and painted the walls a little darker (I posted pictures somewhere on my blog!). I usually do my painting while the kids are at school, and my 4 year old is old enough not to mess around with the paint. I painted all the baseboards, trim, and doors in our house and that took me like a week! I painted in the evening once the kiddos were asleep. Hope your updates go well!