Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Kade; Disaster version

So; I"m ready to share my cake disaster from Kade's birthday last night. As mentioned in my previous post, I made him a jersey cake. It proved to be more difficult than I thought and I was "fairly" pleased with the outcome. It's a little ghetto (what's up with the circle arms?!), but I did my best, and still think its rather cute.  I made it in the afternoon, so I wouldn't be rushed in the evening. Once the kids get home from school, its sometimes pretty difficult to get everything done; especially cook a large dinner for other people and watch Adison (they needed a babysitter yesterday and I said yes). Back to the cake...the roast was in the crock pot, the carrots were boiling, the potatoes were boiling, and I preheated the oven to make garlic cheese biscuits (like Red Lobster; yummy). A few minutes into the preheat, I began to smell something horrid. I opened the oven and there was my cake that I hid in an large PLASTIC container! I completely forgot I put it in the oven earlier that day! The plastic container was completely melted and dripping to the bottom of the oven. I thought the house was going to burn down because the smell and smoke were so bad! I panicked and opened all the doors and turned fans on, and drenched the house in Lysol. Oh yeah, everyone was coming over in ten minutes. Edwin walked in the door five minutes later. He was laughing; I was crying. I wasn't boo hooing or anything; I was just upset! With his help, everything got cleaned up and the plastic pulled off the baking racks, once the oven cooled.  He took Kade and Keira to Walmart, to purchase a "redemption" cake. Everyone arrived, dinner was served, and we ate cake. 

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