Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MLK Day Feb. 10, 2008

MLK day

The following was written on MLK day...
 no school for the kids (which also means Edwin had the day off). The morning began with some fresh baked muffins (thanks to Edwin!). Kai was sitting on the bench at the dinning table when he slipped off somehow and we thought he was laughing and okay; but, a loud screeching scream came out of his mouth. Edwin held him and and comforted him for a while....then we noticed a HUGE gash on his back from the fall! oh drama...
We finished the MORNING off with a little Spring Cleaning; although its not quite Spring. We filled one trash bag full of give away toys and another with stuff to throw away and that was only going through the living room; we haven't even made it into the game room yet. Kai found the trash bag of give away toys (oh yeah; we didnt exactly tell or include the kids) and started going through it! I distracted him and when he left the room, the trash bag magically disappeared to Edwin's closet. 
We decided we didn't want to cook for lunch so we were going to surprise the kids and take them to Chucky cheese. I called Edwin's sister to invite them and she was going to bring her 2 little boys (3 and 5) and meet us there (oh yeah; we had a gift card we were going to use and treat Edwin's sister and kids as well). After we stood in line for quite a while just to get through the door, we stood in another line to order our pizza, drinks, and tokens. Edwin handed the cashier the gift card; and... what do you know...they weren't accepting gift cards for the day (mysteriously the debit card/gift card machine wasn't working; however, the credit card machine was..hum....). The total was over $60, so needless to say, we all left with 5 disappointed children and 1 disappointed adult (the disappointed adult was me). We decided to take them to McDonalds which has a great playplace and all the frowns turned upside down. After playing for a few hours and enjoying conversation with Edwin and Jessica (his sister), we took them to go rent a movie (NIght at the Museum; great movie. I completely approved!) to continue bringing happiness into the home. Kai didnt want to watch it so Kade bartered and gave him his mcdonald's toy if we could watch the movie. In the end, it appears poor Kai was disappointed repeatedly throughout the day (gash in his back, the finding of the give away toys, no chucky cheese and now a movie he didnt want to watch).

just another day..

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