Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas and Disney Pictures!

I've been dying to tell everybody that we went to Disney for Christmas! It was a surprise trip for my mom's 50th birthday, and we had to keep the surprise from our kiddos as well! We drove up to Dallas on Christmas morning than had our flight the night of the 26th. It was quite "interesting" and a little stressful (for me!) packing my mom and keeping it all a secret that day!I was worried about everything getting done and working out; I'm type A, what can I say?! We (my dad, my grandpa, my brother, my sister in law, their kids, and our family), all told my mom we were going to an ice sculpture show at the Gaylord Texan Hotel near the airport. Lying why we couldn't all ride together for the show, we all took separate cars; leaving my mom and dad in their own car, and drove to the airport! (We had to take our own cars because our car was packed with our luggage!) We surprised the kids that we were going to the airport to go to DisneyWorld! We all showed up at the airport and surprised my mom at the gate.  It was a whirlwind of a trip, but we had such a great time! It was wonderful to all be together and be with the kids on their first trip to Disney! We know we wont be able to take a trip like this again for a LONG time, so we let loose a little with the kids! Edwin and I are definitely on the strict side with parenting, but vacation's and surprises like this one call for slur-pees, churro's, and souvenirs galore! I have a zillion pictures, but will post our favorites

We had a birthday party for Jesus the night of Christmas
The Twitty family
My dad read the story of Jesus' birth, then all the grandkids drew pictures on the wall (paper), of different things they heard in the story (animals, angels, stable, star, etc)

Next to each grandchild's picture, we drew words to describe each of our children

This is the brand on my parent's piano. "TO KAI". Kai read it and thought it was his Christmas present. He cried when he realized it wasn't his. Poor guy!

Our first morning in Florida!

Walking down to the 5th row for the Shamu show!
And the First splash comes!
Kai said he wanted to go home and Keira wanted to sit higher!
The Judy's after the show

Kai covered up after the first splash so he wouldn't get wet again!
My grandpa covered up at the seal show (nobody got wet though)
My mom, Edwin, Adelaide, Kai, and Kade looking at sharks
The boys munchin on cotton candy at the Seal show
Chillin by the sharks, and waiting to see what to do next!

On the monorail towards the Magic Kingdom!
My dad and my grandpa
Heidi with Ethan, Adelaide, and Keira
Edwin and Kai on the Buzz Lightyear ride
Trading off pushing the kiddos in the stroller

The castle was beautiful with all the Christmas lights on it!
Edwin, Kai, and Kade on the carousel 
We got to meet the Grinch!
This was on the super hero island at Islands of Adventure
Just another shot to show you how cool it was!

this is a picture of the Grinch-mas show at the Dr. Suss Island  It was amazing!
Keira and Adeliade got their faces painted
This was the Jurassic Park log ride. It was actually pretty scary, but really fun!
Kade with the "thing two's"
Our last night in Florida! Having a pizza party in Jason and Heidi's room

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