Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A tribute to my husband

  As i'm sure everyone realizes, its difficult to eat healthy during the holidays especially at Disney! Edwin gained a little bit of weight during our Christmas/Disney vacation. I'm so proud of him because he's been working really hard to lose it, and has lost 7 pounds since Christmas! He's been riding our exercise bike almost every day, and eating really healthy! It's not easy to make healthy choices at home, especially when you have three kids in the house and all the food they like! The other day he told me he got the case of the munchies, and instead of driving to get a candy bar, he walked around his school twice! I mean, who does that?! He heard that cravings pass after ten minutes if you can resist that long.  His energy has shot up too, and we went shopping for "slim" modern jeans this past weekend (not to be confused with tight Jonas Brother jeans).  NIIIICCCCE.

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