Thursday, June 25, 2009

1 year anniversary coming up!

So our 1 year anniversary is July 26th; seems like just around the corner! Edwin said he has something up his sleeve, and we're going somewhere! He said we're staying in Texas (so I dont get too excited, and think we're going to Paris, or New York, or Florida! haha). I wasn't really expecting anything, since he's still recovering from his surgery and all. We agreed not to do gifts, since the surprise trip is the gift. BUT I still WANT to do something! Maybe something homemade?! I started a wedding scrapbook for Valentines day (and haven't worked on it since. I need to finish it!), so I can't do anything like that. Any ideas?! He reads my blog a lot, so I just wont say what I decide to do! Sometimes I just need a little inspiration, to get my creative juices flowing!  It's so fun to think of things and ideas for occasions like this! 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coming soon- Cream soda toffee cupcakes

Im going to make cream soda toffee cupcakes later this week.  There's really no particular point to this post, than to tell you I'm excited. I've been dying to try these. SO Excited. The thing with baking, for me, is I long to eat the batter and lick the bowl. Yum. I dont really even eat the final outcome most of the time. Some recipes produce the most amazing batter in this universe.  Slap ya silly good. MMMMMM. I can't wait to make them.

Stay tuned to Ya Get What Ya Get, and Ya Don't Throw a fit, for recipes and pictures later this week. 

Do you have a recipe for something that has an amazing batter?! Send it my way! 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend at the Cabin

For some reason, my photo software deleted half my pictures as I was uploading them. GRRR. At least I have a few! We had a great weekend at the cabin, and spent a few days relaxing before Edwin's surgery this week. Unfortunately, Kade was in Florida and my brother was in Africa; so we were missing them! 
"sittin on the doc of the bay..."
Edwin and Keira shooting some guns off the balcony. 
Kai hit the target! He took his time aiming; like ten minutes, then finally hit it! 
Feeding horsey boy and horsey girl
Keira feeding Horsey Girl some biscuits

Edwin teaching Keira how to use the Marshmallow bow and arrow! A lot less dangerous than the real guns! 
Keira shooting in her pajamas
Kai shooting in his undies

Edwin and Kai stopping to pose on the 4 wheeler
Keira's ready to ride!

There I am. The picture taker doesn't get to be in many pictures! 
The neighbors dog, Buddy
Buddy stayed with us the whole time and followed us on the 4 wheelers.  I thought he was going to die of exhaustion! He'd just run forever and follow us! I hate dogs, but really love Buddy.

I love going to my parent's cabin. It's a little vacation without going too far (although it takes us about 3 1/2 hours to get there), or spending any money! It's so peaceful and fun at the same time! We can't wait to go back. We're hoping to go again in the next few weeks, when Edwin fully recovers from his surgery. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father's day ideas/man food and gifts

I dont really think we're going to do much for Father's day (which is also my dad's birthday and brother and sister in law's anniversary!), since Edwin just had surgery this morning! He's doing well and recovering, aka; sleeping. Continue to pray for healing and his recovery, as well as for my mom (she had surgery yesterday).  If he's up for it, I'll cook some man food! Here are a few ideas for some yummy man food you can cook! 

Pan-Seared Steak with Spinach, Grapes, and Almonds
Recipe Here

Yummy slow cooker ribs
Recipe Here

Herbed Beef Tenderloins 
Recipe Here

Beer Dip
Recipe Here

Bacon wrapped teriyaki chicken skewers 
Recipe Here

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
Recipe Here

Cupcake Fun from Bakerella
Recipe Here

Golf Cupcakes 
Recipe from Martha Stewart

Need homemade gift ideas for your husband or father? Check out ideas; Here, Here, Here, Here,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer Requests

Most urgently, please pray for some dear friends that live in Romania. I just found out that a friend drowned this morning (19 years old), after jumping in a river to cool off; they have not found him yet. He's one of six children and my family has been close with them the past 6 or so years. His older two sisters have moved to the states to attend college, so our family has stayed in touch with them. We were actually going to be hanging out with the oldest this weekend, but she is now on her way back home to Romania. Please pray for this family. Pray God's peace and comfort is over them.

Continue to pray for my brother, as he's traveling to Liberia and will be there for 10 days. He's currently on the plane and heading that way! They had to change flights and leave a day late, after Continental cancelled all flights to Liberia. Continue to pray for safety, culture awareness, encouragement to the people there, and also a great trip! And, his return home too! Pray for my sister in law Heidi, and her two kids; Ethan (4), and Adelaide (3). I get to see them this weekend! 

Pray for our oldest as he continues to have fun in Florida, and safe travels back next week! It feels like he's been gone forever, and I'm ready to have him home. Kai asked me yesterday, when Kade would be back. 

Please keep my mom in your prayers; she has surgery next Monday; the 15th. Pray for the surgery to go well and the recovery afterwards! 

Please pray for Edwin and I; he has surgery next Tuesday; the 16th.  Pray for the surgery to be successful and the recovery afterwards. 

Thank you for listening and thank you for being family, friends, and bloggy support that I know will lift us up in prayer! 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer time; da, nah, nah, nah!

First, I want to ask for your prayers for my older brother, Jason. He's traveling to Liberia, Africa on monday for Two weeks with his pastor. Please pray for them! Pray for their safety, for cultural sensitivity, for the love and encouragement they're going to be giving, and my sister in law and her kiddos at home without Jason! You can see more details on his blog. 

What a day. Every thursday the past few months, I have been watching a friends 1 1/2 year old; Adison. Today was my last day to have her (her parents are both teachers and today was the last day of school!), so it was a little bitter sweet. Kai had his end of the year party at 10am, so my mother in law came over to watch Keira and Adison for me. Yay for family help! I made Palm Tree cookies for Kai's class (the party was a luau), and re did the sugar cookie batch THREE times. For some reason, I cannot find a good roll out sugar cookie recipe and didn't like all the ones I tried! The first batch was just way too sticky, and when I added more flour, it just tasted too floury. Anywho, if you have a "no fail" recipe, please tell me! Go to my cooking blog for the pictures and icing recipe (dry hard icing from Martha Stewart). For you newbie bloggers, did you know all the words in bold are links you can click on? Just making sure. Moving on...

Kade was invited to an after school party from a kid in his class, and this kid's mom was their class mom. They were getting picked up from school in a Hummer Limo (yes; for real. Fourth graders!), and going to two other Elementary schools to pick up more of the kid's friends. From there, they were going swimming and having lunch at this kids house. I"m saying "this kid", because I never met him and have no idea who he is! Of course, being a good parent and all, I didnt want to just ship Kade off to some strangers house! I waited around after school so I could take some pictures of the limo and meet the parents. There were plenty of other mom's there taking pictures too! Kade was just besides himself and super excited! I told him I was going to take a ton of pictures, because he would never forgot the last day of his fourth grade year! Not just because of that, but he had his award closing ceremonies for baseball (his team made it into the playoffs), AND is leaving in the middle of the night for Disney World with his mimi and grandpa! For reals; he will NEVER forget this day! I took him to get a new swimsuit (everybody could use just ONE more!) and got him all packed and ready to go! I got really sad when I said goodbye and hugged him, then watched him leave. He'll be gone til June 16th; and thats just a long time! Okay; wipe the tears and on with the pictures! 

On our way to the last day of Kindergarten! 
Last day of fourth grade! He's in his bathing suit; ready to swim!
Kai's luau table

My little Palm Tree Cookie. Kinda looks like broccoli 
My little Kai. 
This has got to be my new favorite picture. Look at that face! 
Kai and some of his buddies
I dunno; baseball with the shovel? 
The hummer limo pulls up!
Here's the line up of all the little boys. The dad is the big dude in front; it was all very organized. 

There's Kadesters (and Garret; Kai's best friend in kindergarden! Kai was upset that Garret was going; they're apparently family friends!) 
All lined up (keep in mind they're still getting more boys from 2 more schools! seriously)

That's Kim Edwards in the middle; Vice Principal. I've unfortunately been in her office; thats another post
Time to go! Kade was so thrilled.

So that's our full day; last day! Edwin has to work tomorrow, (he's a teacher) but then our summer as a family at home will begin! We're so lucky...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Online Purchases

I'm so excited that I ordered a photoshop software for my Mac! Photoshop is so expensive, and I just want it for my photos, and not all the extra stuff photoshop has; so Edwin found me Photoshop Essentials 2. Its WAY cheaper and does all the great stuff to your photos! I"m so excited. 
We also ordered this digital camera for Keira's birthday (not until August though). I found it on, so we went ahead and snagged it! She LOVES to take my camera and take pictures of her stuff, so we thought she would really enjoy having her own camera. This is the one we ordered. Super cute! Shh; dont tell her!
Here are a few pictures that she has taken from my camera; Life through Keira's eyes:

She took a picture of all her shoes on this box! Here are just three of the shoe pictures:

And of course her coloring books

She's such a funny girl