Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Easter Weekend, March 24, 2008

For Spring Break we ventured out to the cabin then to dallas for a few days. While in dallas, we took some engagement pictures and meet up with my whole fam damily at the Dallas Aquarium.  We returned to Houston saturday night before Easter and realized at 10:30 pm that we forgot to get candy and do anything for the kids! Edwin went to walmart and they were fresh out of Easter candy (of course he failed to realize just regular candy would suffice) and hit the jackpot at Walgreens. We sat on the living room floor til close to midnight stuffing eggs and decorating the table with their candy. The easter weekend ended with an egg hunt with Edwin's family and way too much candy. We also had a little trauma that evening... Kai and Keira were in the bathtub when I heard blood hurtling screams coming from Keira (Edwin was outside trying to fix the never ending plumbing problems and Kade was in the bathroom hanging out with Kai and Keira). I ran into the bathoom and got the 411 from Kade; somehow ants got in the bathtub and were on and biting Keira "down under". I thought I was going to have a heart attack trying to calm her down and get the ants off. I just held her until she calmed down then we rubbed some anti itch cream "down under".  Oh my lanta.... Thank goodness that 3 year olds are "so busy" that 5 minutes later she moved on and forgot all about the trauma. 

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