Monday, September 28, 2009

A little touch of fall

It might be 90 degrees here in Houston, but I'm ready for Fall! Here are a few of my fall touches in our home (thanks to Hobby Lobby).

Our tray on our ottoman. 
A bowl full of fall
I love these tall hurricane candle holders! Some leaves brought a touch of Autumn!
I love white pumpkins!

Fall apothecary jars.

Hello sparkly pumpkin
More sparkly pumpkins
The top of our TV armoire. Harvest time.
My bell jar
A scent of Autumn
Dining table

My cake dome; oh all the uses it brings!

Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conversation about Edwin's nightmare

Edwin- "Kai, I had a really bad dream last night, and you were in it. We were on a lake and I was on one side, and you and Kade were on the other side. There was a big hole in the deck that you and Kade were standing on, and I was watching from the other side of the lake, hoping you wouldn't fall through. All of a sudden I yelled your name and you turned around to look at me, and you fell through the hole, and disappeared into the lake."

Kai- "Well, What kind of fish were in the lake?" 

haha; oh Kai!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Keira's first day of Pre K

Today was Keira's first day of her Pre K class. Of course I took pictures to capture the moment! I had to be at work a few minutes before her class began, so she hung out in my classroom with the babies for a few minutes! She was a little put out that she didnt play all day; like she's used to in preschool and Mother's Day out! I know she's going to learn a lot this year!

Taking some pictures at the house...
I can't believe how long her hair is now!
Who's ready for school?! Keira!
so pretty
Keira at her desk
Ready for the school year to begin!
or maybe not...
At the end of the day, she had fun but gave it a "so so", since she had to sit at a desk and learn!
And this was my day at work; just a few classrooms down from Keira! My pretty little babies...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kade's first football game

This past Saturday, Kade had his first ever football game! For those of you that are not family, Kade plays for the Deer Park Rams; on the 5th and 6th grade team. Most of the other kids have been playing for years, but this was the first year that we signed Kade up.

The game was delayed due to rain and lightning, but it eventually got started (not to mention we got soaked!) They were completely creamed, but hey; it was the first game! It was such a blast watching Kade and taking close up pictures with our new amazing camera! Here are some highlights! Thanks to all the family that came, and supported Kade!

Kade; #37
Kai wearing Kade's helmet before the game
Kade with some teammates, before kick off
The Rams running on the field

Kade getting the ball from the Ref, to kick the game off!

Kicking the game off... (he's the kicker for the team. Not to mention on both the offense and the defense. He's the man of many talents)

And the game begins! How great is this shot?! Love our camera!

No explaination needed here; Kade's running.

Getting ready for a play; Kade's on the right

Tackle! Kade's on the left; #37

Get him Kade!
Kade's on the left; #37

Kade after the game. A little dissapointed and feeling a little sick (he started to feel sick that morning!)

Trying to process what just happened! Better luck next week!

Love this picture. It shows the pure emotion and sweat, of the first game.
The family. Keira keeps being a wierdo

We're proud of Kade! Go Rams!