Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Santa Clause is coming to...deer park

Every year the fire department of Deerpark drives around the neighborhoods, with someone dressed as Santa on a fire truck decked out in lights! Last night was our scheduled night to have the fire truck come down our street, but the times were between 6:30-9:30pm. We put the kids to sleep as usual and after they were already in bed, we heard the sirens and REALLY loud Christmas music! Edwin ran to wake the kids up and we all ran out front. We stood in the front yard waiting, and waiting, and waiting; no santa. Edwin began raking leaves while we were all outside and we decide to go in once we couldn't hear the fire truck anymore! BUMMER! We were so disappointed! We tried to do something cool for the kids, and wake them up while they were already in bed; and for nothing! The kids went back to sleep and Edwin and I began watching Whale Wars (anybody else watch this show?) 45 minute later we heard the truck again and it was on our street this time! We ran to see if the kids were still awake, but they were all knocked out. We didn't want to wake them up again, and continue to mess up their night of sleep, so we went out front and I snapped a picture for them.  We tried...
oh ps. our kids don't believe in Santa for numerous reasons, but we still have fun with seeing him and talking about him!

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