Friday, February 6, 2009

Organizing kids clutter

The Shaby Nest, is having a little organization "party" for kids clutter! Check her out to get some more organization ideas! My biggest eyesores lately, have been the upstairs playroom, Keira's room, and our black armoire (which has become a storage unit for books, Keira's coloring and scrapbook materials, and our printer and shredder)! I love baskets and bins, but they're just usually too expensive to buy a bunch at once! I"ve purchased a few here and there when I've seen a good deal, and have begun to organize some of our kids clutter! Here's what we've done.

This is our upstairs playroom. Edwin has done a lot of work in this room for me! It's kinda been the furniture storage room, and he helped me get rid of some of the clutter; although, we still have some stuff to get rid off to clear it out to sell! I really wanted to paint and make it more "fun", but since we're not staying here, I"m not going to bother. 

I bought these red canvas bins at Target and the small blue baskets (yes; they still have the tags on them!) at Babies R Us. I really want to paint this bookcase, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

This storage bin mainly holds Kai and Kade's "little guys". 
This is Keira's shoe organizer inside her closet! The girl's got some shoes!
This is here little white stove from Pottery Barn. She has so much kitchen stuff! I put a few baskets on the inside to help organize some of the stuff. 
I love this dollhouse bookcase from Pottery barn. I bought some cute baskets from Michaels and organized her books, hair stuff, and small toys.

I love this shelf with hooks (from Target). It holds a special picture the kids and Edwin made for me when we were dating long distance! The kids also hang their backpacks here (Keira and Kade are both at school, but Kai is home sick so his backpack is still hanging!)
This is a laundry basket from Target and it has all our blankets inside! 
Oh my lanta. Yes, this is our black armoire that has become a storage unit. 
This is the after. I love this green Canvas box from Target. I also used this Pottery Barn vase to display the crazy amount of crayons. It's on the inside of the armoire, but I still wanted it to look pretty.
Inside the green box, are two more storage bins I bought at Target. The clear one holds all of Keira's scrapbooking materials. The coloring books are underneath in the green bin. Also in the green bin (can you see the blue lid on the far right!?), is a three tiered storage box. Genius. One layer holds markers, another layer has crayons, and the top layer has colored pencils. 
I love this red bin and bill organizer (to the left of it). I can't remember where it was purchased. It's kinda a "junk drawer" with random papers, but at least its a pretty red bin, right?!

This is my file organizer that I use for the kids school papers (they each have their own tab and folder). Everyday I go through their papers and file them, and on the weekend I go through them again before school on Monday starts. Otherwise, there's random papers all over the kitchen counter and I can't keep up with it all! (IE: "Thursday is wear green day. Please send your kindergardener to school in green." "Friday is our 100th day party. Please make a shirt with 100 items glued on it!" "Friday is our cake party. Please send your child to school with one of the following items..."
Last but not least; here's my sick Kai!


  1. You've got some great organizational systems in place - love all the cute little baskets and my daughter would absolutely love that dollhouse bookcase.

  2. Aren't those plastic storage bins great? I love that polka dot one you have too! Cute pictures!



  3. Great organization and I love the green and white polka dot baskets from Target.

  4. I love love love your little file box idea!
    I drown in my 4 kids' school papers!
    What a fab idea.