Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Halloween and weekend pictures! Nov.2, 08

On Sunday, after church and lunch, we drove out to the Galleria Mall for a Star Wars Clone Wars exhibit. Today was the last day and we really wanted to take the kids to it! Here are a few pictures. 

We had a great weekend; but I am pooped (and don't feel well)! We went to Sugar Creek Church Friday night with Jessica and Bobby (Bobby's on staff there), so the kids could be together on Halloween. It's a huge church and they had ton of great stuff for the kids! The gym was filled with a bunch of inflatable bounce houses, that the kids went nuts over. They got to bed late that night and are still catching up on their sleep, but my first Halloween as a mommy was fun!  Keira was originally going to be a fairy (costume that she already had), but as I was dressing her, It was too big and I couldn't get the wings to stay on! We pulled the plug last minute and dressed her as sleeping beauty (costume that she already had). It all worked out because she said, "oh good mommy! This one is my favorite because its pink!" Kai and cousin's Seth and Zane, wanted to be Jedi's from Star Wars. Jessica, Lissa, and I made them Jedi capes to go over there costumes. It was my first time to sew, and although I liked the finished product...I probably won't do it again! It was more expensive and complicated than just buying a costume! By the time we got to the church, Kai took off his mask and Jedi cape and just left it in the car. All that work and he didn't even wear it! lawwwww! Kade dressed up as a black ninja. I don't have any wardrobe malfunction stories with him. Here are some pictures with the kiddos.

This picture (above) tickles me because Zane is "using the force". In the car, I asked him if he was praising Jesus. That's when I learned he uses the force...

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