Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tearing our fence down

We finally get a new fence on Tuesday! I"m really excited about it, because it's the first step in our house getting fixed from lovely Ike; and, the first step in our house getting ready to sell. We still don't have a contractor to fix everything else; roof, chimney, exterior siding and paint, and all our interior. With all the rain, we've been getting further interior damage. The other day it actually started raining through our skylight in our family room and we had to put a pot under it! Edwin's duct tape obviously isn't a permanent solution! Thankfully, it just dripped a little and hasn't proved to be a big problem. 
Back to the fence; we had a little section of the fence still up, so Edwin wanted to knock it down before the work began on the new fence. Here's a quick snapshot of all the kids trying to tear the fence down. Kai started climbing the fence and when Edwin kicked it, Kai got knocked off! He was fine though; no worries. 

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  1. Real men don't need tools....they use their feet. haha.