Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An addition to the family- Nov.5, 08

...No, i'm not pregnant, I just thought that would catch your attention! I'm helping out some friends, by looking after their daughter; Adison-15 months) for the next 6 weeks. Today was my first day to have her all day and Keira was so excited to have another girl in the house to play with! I had to just laugh at myself at times; thinking, I"m still transitioning into being an instant mommy to my own three kids! Oh law! I had some errands to run and it was challenging getting them both out of their car seats and wherever we were going! I went to the post office with three packages in my arms while holding Adison and walking with Keira. Oh law! I guess this is what its like with 2 young ones! Wednesday's are my days to bring home Mason with us (Kade's cousin), so I had a car full; 5 kids and 3 in car seats! Oh law!
 Right now Kade and Mason are playing outside, and Keira and Kai are entertaining Adison. Kai is just enamored with her. 

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