Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things I"m lovin list

Just for fun, here is a list of some things I"m loving, wishing for, or dreaming of! 
Loving these inspirational laundry rooms!
This one is small, but perfectly organized.
And this one is bold and clean!
Ah; loving the yellow and white.

I love to look at cookbooks and design magazines! Why do some of them have to be $10 an issue?! I spent some time in Borders yesterday reading through a lot!

I"m loving these vases. I have some large ones from Pottery Barn, but I love the idea of these smaller ones with lids! Perfect for the bathtub! I found some at Michael's that are reasonably priced. 

And these for Easter!
Homemade sugar scrub! I LOVE bath stuff. I recently told Edwin I was going to buy some sugar scrub or bath salts, but he could get them for me as a surprise and get the credit! Here is a homemade recipe courtesy of What's Shakin.
I love this lampshade light from Pottery Barn kids. Don't you think someone could make it? I really like this rug and storage unit with baskets. If we were staying in this house, I would "overhaul" our playroom, but Edwin doesn't think its a good idea to spend a lot of money for it, when we don't think we'll have another playroom in the new house! I agree, but I still like this playroom...

Ah; this table is great. I especially love the chalkboard bins underneath! 
And this Pottery Barn Kids rug is perfect for Keira's room! Maybe one day...
I love beautiful and colorful flats at DSW!
I"m loving this round crib! It's pink and brown; ready to match Keira's room...
or this larger round crib

Last but not least, I'm lovin my family!


  1. I just whipped up some of the sugar scrub with olive oil and peppermint essential oil. Can't wait to try it tonight....thanks for the link ;)

  2. Great list Michelle! Pottery Barn makes me want to redecorate all the time! I have always wanted to make my own sugar scrub. I am going to check that out.



  3. You are so full of great information and ideas!

    M ^..^

  4. Ooh fun. I love pottery barn catalogs-that's another bath night for me, and I keep them with my organizing books, etc bc they have such great ideas in them! You have a gorgeous family!

  5. Hi Michelle~ Thanks so much for visiting today, You are so cute, we should live closer together so that all the kids can play and we could do some decorating! I would love to know more of your story, so I am going now to read older posts on your blog. Come back to see me soon!