Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funny Sayings, weekend updates, etc Oct. 13th, 08

Children sayings...
*keira-"mom; go to a recipe show and see if there's a recipe you want to write down and try to cook."

*Jessica (my sister in law) told me the other day that Zane, (3; nephew) was walking around their house saying "papa judy" over and over. Then he walked up to her and said, "mama. What's a papa judy?" 
For those of you that dont know, Papa Judy is my dad and its what our kids call him!

*A friend (macy patrick) let me borrow her son's boots for keira to wear one day, and they came over last week to pick them up. she sent me a text recently saying that her son asked her, "can we go to that house sometime where michelle is the mommy?"

too cute!

Edwin and I went to the Texans game Sunday with our friends Mike and Melissa. It was my first football game (professional), and it was a blast! We sat on the sunny side so it was quite hot at times, but we also got lucky with some clouds every once and a while! The Texans won the game in the last 3 seconds by one point. It was a great game and i'm glad we have friends that think of us! Even though we didn't pay for the tickets, you can be sure that we busted our pocket books! Prices at sporting events are INSANE; however, how can you go and not get cotton candy?!
2 large cokes- $16
cotton candy-$3
BBQ beef sandwhich-$8
ice cream-$5

It's all worth it!

On another note, i'd like to talk about halloween for a second. Edwin and I went to 4 different halloween stores on saturday (without the kids), to look for Kai and Kade's costumes. Kai is going to be a jedi (from star wars; clone wars) and i'm actually going to SEW a jedi cape to go over his costume. Jessica is making a cape for Seth (Kai's cousin; same age), so they're going to match. We're going to make them together so I can learn how to sew. I'm not sure if i'm excited or scared. Okay, back to the halloween store...
Edwin and I couldn't believe how many YOUNG girls were holding and trying on inappropriate costumes for their age. For some reason, halloween has become an excuse to hoochify themselves. I cannot justify elementary kids or middle school girls wearing these costumes. Even with teenagers, there should be a line.  Where are your heads parents?! Do we really wonder why our society has become more sexually driven in younger kids these days? If we don't lay the foundation when they're young, they grow up thinking things are okay and always looking to push the limits (I can remember; it wasn't that long ago for me!). Keira has a princess costume that is a two piece, but its for dress up at the house only. She's not allowed to wear it out or for halloween. Thankfully, this was already Edwin's stance before I became a part of this family. Perhaps some of you might think this is too strict or we're not letting kids be kids. Again I would say, that you need to lay the foundation early. It's not even appropriate for a four year old to prance around in public in a hoochy costume; regardless if its made by disney or not! Here's a picture of the new scream guy for halloween (there's a new scream mask; click here to see the picture). Kade asked if he could be the bloody scream guy; yeah right! There are so many horror costumes and overly sexy costumes in the stores, that it's going to continue becoming more difficult for the kids to feel cool in anything else. For now, Edwin and I are still in a stage with our kids that they know what's appropriate and not appropriate, and don't try to push the limits with us. Hopefully by setting this foundation today, we won't have big issues over costumes in the future. Okay, that's my soapbox for the day!  Off to do laundry...

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