Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trauma, Zoo, and graduation- June 14th, 2008

So we've had a little bit of trauma in the Twitty household and we went to the zoo today; although, the two are completely unrelated. The kids were all upstairs playing in the playroom yesterday and Edwin and I were watching HGTV (okay; so I was watching HGTV and Edwin was taking a nap). All of a sudden we heard thumping followed by Keira's screams. We both jumped up and ran towards the stairs once we realized she was tumbling down from the very top stair.  Edwin ran so fast and hard that he ran into the wall to slow himself down; resulting in a HUGE and DEEP, NASTY bruise on his hip. However, he was able to catch Keira right before she hit the tile at the bottom of the stairs. Luckily, she walked away without any bruises or trauma; unlike Edwin. 
     Today we took the kids to the zoo for our first summer visit. We bought a season pass so we can go as often as we like, for as little time as we like! We only went for about 2 hours today, but thats all Edwin and I could handle in the heat (you can see the sweat in the pictures)!    
    I graduated from DTS a few weeks ago and we had our first Dallas shower. We have another shower here inhouston thursday night and another one Saturday! We're definitely excited to continue putting our house together!




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