Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day, Feb.14th, 2008

Happy Valentine's day

This year was different than any other valentine's day i've ever had. I'll give you 4 reasons! (hint; Edwin, Kade, Kai, and Keira)The morning started off EARLY; the earliest i've woken up since i've moved to houston. I arrived at Edwin's house at 7:10 am (completely dressed and ready to face the day, might I add!) Edwin and I al
ready discussed our Valentine's plans and I completely understood that both Kai and Kade had baseball and basketball practice. I opened the door from the garage into the house and was pleasantly surprised with the most balloons i've ever seen! My guy stayed up until 2 am blowing up balloons for me.  We kissed goodbye and went our separate ways for the day; him to work and I took Kai to preschool than went to a private school where I had an interview and subbed for the day. Upon my arrival back at Edwin's house, I stumbled upon a box at the door. what could it be? I certainly wasn't expecting anything to be delivered! He had sent beautiful red roses and chocolates to the house. What a guy. The sweetest and m
ost romantic gifts in life are the heart filled one's and creative ones that take til 2 am. It's not about a fancy dinner, blowing hundreds of dollars for a commercial holiday or going to Jared's like the commercials tell you to. It's your heart and your time. Happy Valentine's day

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