Sunday, February 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Baseball season has begun and our crazy spring is in full affect! For the next 2 weeks or so, Kade has both basketball and baseball, but we're so thankful he has a coach that is only making them practice baseball once a week, until basketball season is over! yeah! I'm really looking forward to both boy's teams, and we're anticipating a great season! I"m planning on ordering a "Kai's Mom" shirt and a "Kade's Mom" shirt for each team! That's right; THAT's what i'm excited about too.  (Maybe people will read the shirt, and actually believe I'm the mom and not the young nanny). 
 Kai's baseball practice starts at 5:30, so its a challenge to have dinner ready and everybody finished, so he can get to practice on time.  Our menu was all mumbled jumbled last week, and one night we just ordered pizza, because I couldn't get it all done on time! Thank you Pizza Hut. 

Here's what the Twitty's have cookin this week: As always, check out Orgjunkie for more menu's and recipes!

Monday- Italian Chicken with corn and peas (Kade baseball; 5:30)
Tuesday- Potato Soup (Kai baseball; 5:30 Kade basketball; 6:30)
Wednesday- Good ole spaghetti (Kai baseball; 5:30)
Thursday- Pork Chops (with a "secret rub" that was made by Edwin's friend, Mikey!) green beans, and mashed potatoes (or crescent rolls if I dont get the mashed potatoes done!) Kai baseball; 5:30 Kade basketball; 7:30)
Friday- Messy Tacos
Saturday- I'll be helping to host my sister in law's baby shower, so I'm leaving Edwin and the kiddo's with hot dogs, and might get some yummy Chickfila for our dinner. 
Dessert- Homemade Pumpkin Bread

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  1. The Italian chicken was wonderful, the corn not bad, the pee - I decided not to partake. Drinking urine is gross. Green peas are not so bad though . . .