Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our crazy Christmas week (plus a secret to be told after Christmas!)

I have no plan this week! Can you believe we're already a few days away from Christmas?! It seemed to just sneak up on us! I"m incredibly glad that we did all our Christmas shopping the week of Thanksgiving, and don't have to deal with the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping! Well, Edwin and I do need to pick up ONE more thing for a secret santa gift! Instead of food, here's our Christmas week!

Sunday, 21st- Christmas with the Hunt Family (one set of the kid's great grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins). We had a great time and the kids LOVED opening some presents! Kade got an air hockey table (kid size) and all the kids are jazzed about it. Kai got a build your own light saber thing, some really crazy remote control car, and some games on the wii. Keira got clothes (her favorite),  twin newborn babies (they talk to each other! so cool!), and a barbie coffee maker (this is my personal favorite. It makes noises to grind the coffee beans, and you can press all sorts of buttons to make different lattes etc, and it talks to you! so fun). Edwin and I made out pretty nice too; gift card heaven.  We enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts and spending time together with the family. 

Monday, 22nd- I suppose we'll spend the majority of our afternoon playing with the toys the kids received yesterday (I've already been asked to play air hockey but Edwin is still sleeping!) I'm also doing laundry so we have clean clothes when we leave for Dallas! Around 4, The kids grandparents (one of four!) are coming over to pick them up to spend some time with them, and give them their Christmas (This makes Christmas number 2!). We're really excited for Kade to know what they got him for Christmas! They're going to surprise him with a trip to Disneyworld this summer! SHHHHH!
This afternoon we have our first contractor coming over to give us a quote to fix our house from IKE.
Tonight, Edwin and I are going to hang out with some friends that are in town for Christmas.

Tuesday, 23rd- We're going to spend some time in the upstairs loft (game room), cleaning and getting rid of some stuff. It's just going to be a start, because we're going to do more after Christmas when we have all the kids new toys. We've been talking a lot about giving and that we're going to go through their toys to give away to kids that don't have as much as they do. Keira has already made a huge pile of things she wants to give away. The game room has also been our furniture overflow room, so its time to clear it!  

Wednesday, 24th- Today is our day to celebrate Christmas! We're going to wake up and open presents just like Christmas morning (this makes Christmas number 3)! We're celebrating on Christmas Eve, because we're leaving for Dallas on Christmas morning. Sometime throughout the day I'll pack for everybody, for our trip to Dallas. At 4pm, we're going to the Christmas Eve service at our Church then to Edwin's parents house to have Christmas with them (That makes Christmas number 4)

Thursday, 25th- Merry Christmas! We're going to open stockings that we saved for Christmas morning, then pack the car and go! Five hours later, we'll arrive in Dallas (we're hoping it wont take us as long since its Christmas morning, and nobody travels on the road).  At 6pm in Dallas, my family is having a birthday party for Jesus! I"m not sure what all it includes since my mom is the planner, but i'm sure cake and singing will be involved!

Friday, 26th- Wednesday, 31st- Christmas with the Judy's (5th Christmas)!  Some of the Judy Christmas traditions include; Waffle House for breakfast in our pajamas and Christmas hats, returning home for presents and stockings, a big lunch, and Christmas bingo with the adults! My mom plans Christmas bingo with NICE presents (you open a present when you get a bingo and can swap like white elephant). We all make out with some good stuff, and its fun!

*disclaimer- As you can see, we have a lot of extended family and sets of grandparents and great grandparents that all want to have Christmas with the kiddo's. It's difficult to keep the presents to a minimum, and make what Edwin and I got the kids special. BUT, we both feel very thankful this year, for the way everyone has gone about the gifts. We've tried hard to down grade, and tell the kids we're going to get fewer gifts this year, but spend money on things they really want (instead of just filling the tree with a bunch of random toys and junk, that they wont really play with). We've been asked by everybody what they can specifically get the kids, and this allows them to get what they really want from us and other family! 

What are some of your plans and Christmas traditions?!

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