Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kase Holden Twitty; 6lb 12 oz

After a routine doctor's appointment May 18th, I was admitted to the hospital for preeclampsia
and induced May 19th! It was definitely a whirl wind, and I was in the hospital til Friday! YUCK! I would say that labor and delivery was "easy", and it was all the other issues that arrived that made it very difficult. I was on medication for preeclampsia that made me feel sick, antibiotics because my white blood cells doubled, and I spiked a high fever and had clots soon after delivering Kase. BUT; we're home now, and Kase and I are both healthy! I'll post more pictures soon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 38; partial bed rest

Sorry the picture isn't great; I just took it with my phone.

My dr.'s appointment yesterday went well, and Im still progressing a little bit. Any progress with 2 weeks left is encouraging! My weight is climbing a little higher than
1. I wanted
2. was projected

My doctor didnt say anything, so she must not be worried about it. My appetite is normal so I know Im not overeating or anything! Must be all that water retention :)

Speaking of; my feet are huge. I have the Koolaid man's feet. My blood pressure was normal yesterday, but my doctor did say "wow" when she looked at my feet! Thanks.

Today I noticed the swelling was even more significant, and is moving up my calf. Its actually a bit sore/painful to the touch and leaves an indention when I push in with my finger (isnt that neat?!) SOOOOOOO being a first time prego and all, I called my doctor.
Me- Yes, I was just there yesterday but I'm really puffy!

My doctor told me I need to stay off my feet (there's the self diagnosed bed rest part). Obviously, swelling is normal; but they want me to take it easy and not do as much as I'm doing. AND call if I start getting headaches or blurred vision (which is preeclampsia stuff)

Do they know how difficult that is?! Stay off my feet?!

Doctor's are confusing:
*Walk around a lot and still get plenty of exercise! Walking can kick start labor!
*Stay off your feet! Rest!

I dont like to feel helpless or even ask for help. Sometimes you HAVE to get help, but I always feel bad when I ask. I feel guilty sitting in my glider, when I know the laundry needs to be done. I feel guilty that Im sitting in my bed right now with my feet elevated, knowing that Edwin is about to fix dinner. But then again; it feels nice to take it easy right now, with 2 weeks left.

I still dont have a lot to complain about. I've felt pretty good, despite my feet hurting. I've had a bit more "pressure" and some pains this week, but thats all due to the fact that Kase has officially dropped. Im really not too uncomfortable, and as long as I dont have to walk much; Im golden.

It's still difficult to foresee being in labor and actually have Kase. I know one day Im going to have contractions or my water is going to break, but its so weird to think of it actually happening!

I've had all my showers, I've spent some gift cards (saving a lot for diapers and stuff as needed!), my hospital bag is packed, the diaper bag is full, the car seat is installed (booster, carseat, booster, and Kade in the back back! crazy), baby monitor charged and in's just a waiting game now!

Family- I have field day pictures of Kai and Kade that I"m hoping to post soon! I know ya'll like to see kiddo pictures to stay updated! I'll try to work on it tomorrow!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maternity Pictures

My friend Amanda, with Vivitography, took my maternity pictures last Friday. It was a blast spending the morning with her since we're good friends, and living in different cities! Here are some favs...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pregnancy week 37; progress!

wow 3 more weeks!

I had a little bit of progress at my dr apt today, so thats kinda exciting! I know it doesn't really mean much, because your body will naturally "go slow, or quick"!

weight gain- 33 pounds (wow)
I've cut out caffeine and I"m drinking way more water (I'm telling myself that's why I'm continuing to put on weight. Water weight! haha)

I had some maternity pictures taken last Friday afternoon, so I'll post those as soon as I get them! It was a blast!

There are some days that I feel huge, and some days that I feel way too small to deliver. I dont have anything major to complain about. Minor aches and pains here and there, swelling in my feet (I didnt think I would have any, but it happened last week), and a little difficulty with walking as my hips and body are getting ready for labor! I still dont think Im waddling though.

This past weekend I had a lot of out of town family, visiting my parents in Dallas (my dad is the baby of 5, and all his siblings and their spouses flew out for a visit!). I REALLY wanted to be there and see them all, but a last minute trip with 3 kids isn't easy (or appealing).

BUT, I decided at 2pm on Friday to get in the car, and drive 4 hours by myself to my parents cabin, where they were for the weekend (hey; its a shorter drive than going all the way to Dallas!)

I wasn't nervous about randomly going into labor out in the country, I was nervous about driving that far by myself! BUT, with a stop at Bucee's and great encouragement from my husband that I'll be okay, everything was fine! I got there and surprised everyone, and had a great weekend! Its one of those things that I'll look back on, and be really glad I did it!

I didnt tell my dr, so you shouldn't either.

I think that's about it for this week. I have a nightgown and robe packed in my hospital bag, and Keira (5) asked if she gets to wear her robe to the hospital too! Too cute. I told her she's more than welcome to bring her robe when she comes to see Kase.