Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chocolate peanut butter bars and my day with the girls

chocolate peanut butter bars AND my day

okay, I dont like peanut butter and my brother doesn't either, BUT I actually like THESE.  Edwin has been begging me to find a recipe and make them for him, and I finally tried them last night. They're SUPER bad for you, i'm sure! The only thing I would recommend is allowing them to soften a little bit (about 15-30 minutes) after you take them out of the refrigerator. 
FAMILY- If you're up for trying them, I think i'll make them when we come for Christmas! I would like to debut my cooking/baking abilities! haha

On another note, Edwin stayed home sick today and it wasn't like his "sick" days in the past! Usually we'll shop and hang out all day, but we think he got food poisoning last night; yuck. I knew that it would be impossible to keep the girls (Keira and Adison) quiet and allow him to sleep, so we ventured out to the mall for the day. I still needed to pick up one more thing for Edwin and something for my secret santa (my family draws names within the adults). Last time I took the girls to the mall, I didnt have a stroller so I held Adison the entire time and attempted to hold Keira's hand as much as possible. Every time I put Adison down she ran off, and I'm certainly not going to chase a baby around the mall! haha Of course I forgot to ask Adison's parents to bring the stroller today so I was going to "rent" a mall stroller once we got there. Since i've never rented a stroller at the mall before, I was completely ignorant about the price. I was thinking, maybe $1.00, but was sticker shocked when I saw "ONLY $5.00" on the sign. Thank you mall for making me feel bad, because I would like and need my $5.00 for other things than baby mall strollers! It's not "ONLY $5.00" to me! 
Of course I didnt have any other options because I had a huge purse stuffed with Adison's stuff (last time I went out and she had a "poo poo", and I didnt bring her diapers with me), and we all had our winter coats because it was freezing outside! So there we were; I had an arm full of children, coats, and a large teal purse (thank you target!), and an empty wallet. What a site! haha
We strutted through the mall to find the nearest ATM which then charged me $2 to use (even though my card was Bank of America and the ATM was Bank of America)! Again, thank you mall for stripping even more money from me, before I even entered a store! Lauzy lou! 
At this point I went to chickfila to get a small sweet tea so I could break the change (completely resisted the urge to get a large!) THEN, we finally got a mall stroller and strutted through the mall in style. After all of that, I didnt buy a darn thing. But hey; the point was to be out of the house to allow Edwin to sleep! On our way out to take the stroller back, there was a lady that asked me to have the stroller. My first thought was, you've got to be kidding me! I paid $5 bucks for this stupid thing, you can pay for it also! I gave a long "uhhhhhh.........", when she explained it ate her $10 because you have to put in exactly $5. I felt bad and handed over the yellow buggy and we were on our way..... :)

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