Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my menu, movie with Keira, and hair cut

This weekend Edwin and I helped co-host a group of 11th grade girls, for a breaking free weekend at our church. Eddie and Lissa (my mother and father in law) graciously helped us out by watching the kids all weekend, so we could be at the house with the girls and attend all their sessions and activities. It was a great weekend and they were such a great group of young ladies! Edwin and I were blown away at their maturity, and some things they've already learned and realized, that took us a lot longer to figure out! Once the girls finally learned our ages, they couldn't believe Edwin was actually 30 and I was 27...AND that we have kids! They were blown away and it was hilarious. All weekend they told us how cute we were, and "oohed and awed" at us. Some of the girls were talking about how Edwin looks like "Chris Krump", and I asked who that was (feeling really old that I possibly didnt know whatever new actor they were talking about!). They said Chris Krump was the worship leader for Breaking Free and is GORGEOUS! I said, "yes, in that case my husband does look like Chris Krump".  For some reason the girls got a really big kick out of coming up with our fourth babies name; another "K". Seriously. All weekend they kept coming up with new names to tell us, up until the goodbye! It was pretty cute. For the record, I'm not pregnant.
After every main session (there were over 600 students there!), we broke up into our host home groups for smaller discussion. We blended with the 11th grade boys for these discussion one night, and not the last night. Edwin ended up leading all the discussions (unplanned and last minute), and did such a great job. The girls really took to him (well; duh!) and trusted to share things they're learning and going through, with him in the room. It was funny because Edwin and I realized that in a really large group, I"m the one that shuts down and gets quiet (I never talked in the large group), but i'll open up and have good conversations in a smaller group. Edwin led the main discussions and talked a lot, but will shut down and get quiet in smaller groups. AW; what a great team we are! It's a great balance when we're ministering to people!

This week's agenda:
*Now we're at home trying to recover from the lack of sleep, and I'm making sure I dont get sick (because I started to not feel well; wah, wah.). 
*This week, we're HOPING our roof will get fixed, but i'll believe it when I see it! 
*Keira and I are having "movie morning" like we did last week. She picks a movie (last week we watched Mary Poppins), and we watch it on my computer in my bed. 

I filled Muffin Tins (thanks to Michelle for her idea from Muffin Tin Monday)  full of snacks and we watched the movie cozy in bed! I told her we'd start doing it once a week, since she's still talking about "mary N poppins" with mama. 

*I have to make Kai a t-shirt with 100 items on it for school. I"m going to take him to Hobby Lobby and let him pick out a bunch of different stuff to put on his shirt. Should be a good time had by all. 
*Food! Here's my proposed menu for the week. Be sure to check our orgjunkie for more recipes and menus. (sorry no recipe links!)

Monday- Creamy Chicken Crescents (Recipe from Misty)
Tuesday- Crockpot Barbeque, baked beans, corn on the cob
Wednesday- Lantham Stew 
Thursday- Chicken Spaghetti (recipe from Jessica)
Friday- Kid's choice- chickfila or chili's hopefully! 
*Stay tuned for my menu next week! I have some things I'm concocting for Valentine's day with the kids! 
Last but not least, I cut and colored my hair a little bit again...

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