Thursday, August 27, 2009

First day of school pictures

The first week of school is almost over! We're extremely blessed to have a great teacher/family friend for Kai's first grade teacher! His cousin Seth is also in his class, so I know the boys are just lovin that! We don't know Kade's teacher, but I'm sure we'll meet eventually :)
Kade found out he made the football team (didnt I already write that in another post?!), and he has his first scrimmage on Saturday. Im really excited to see him play. Its been somewhat rough, because most of the other kids have been playing for years, and this is Kade's first year. He's still doing great though, and really enjoying it. Edwin and I ordered a team t-shirt for us to wear to his games! Stay tuned for football pictures!

Sorry, I dont have any spectacular pictures; but I know you family members will want to see what I have!

Ready to go! (Kai's school supplies are apparently weighing him down!)

Still sleepy; no more summer sleeping!
Keira's the only one awake!
Kai at his desk!
After school
I brought the boys some sonic drinks
mmmm; a good drink to end a good day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Keira's Sweet Shoppe Birthday

We didn't know exactly where we were going to be, for Keira's 5th birthday. We actually ended up driving back to Houston on her birthday, so we decided to have a little birthday party for her in Dallas before we left. She decided she wanted a Sweet Shoppe birthday party, and it was fun to put together! We were able to celebrate with my family, which was fun since we're never with them for any of our birthdays! Edwin and I were also able to invite and spend some time, with a few of our best friends that live in Dallas! Here are some pictures of the evening.

Keira's 5th birthday party outfit
The birthday girl
The entry way
The party favor bags
The outside table with tattoos, party poppers, and silly string
Party poppers
Paper lanterns, streamers, candy, oh my!
The mini candy bar. I used martini glasses to do this on a smaller scale
Candy in martini glasses
Party hats and party blowers, line the fireplace

Party room (remember not to turn the fan on!)
Can't get enough of these lanterns!
The candy truffle; flavored marshmallows, multi colored twizzlers, gum balls, and mini marshmallows gives this some pizzaz! 
The cupcake tier; I added some fun lollipops to each cupcake. Keep the wrappers on, so they can put them in their goodie bags!

The birthday girl's cupcake
Kai getting a head start before the party begins
Are you ready to party?!
Dig in (sorry the lighting is so bad in this picture!)
Keira's tattoo on her foot. She loves the ichthus tattoo on my foot!

My friend Michelle and her son, Asher (notice the bubbles IN his mouth)
Blowing bubbles, doing tattoos, and spraying silly string
Time to sing! (all sweaty from playing outside!)
Rainbow cupcakes with light pink sprinkles; yummy!
Decorate your own cupcakes!
This one wins

Lets open presents!
So Excited
So much pink!

Thanks for coming!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

May I introduce...

Our new fridge. Yes; it's lovely.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Houston...We're BAAAAACK!

My birthday girl at her 5th birthday party! I had to get that outfit.

I promise I'm still here. Do I still have any readers?! Life has been busy and we've been moving around and trying to settle. We're still not settled completely, but it's a work in progress. We're back in Houston; for those of you that knew we've been trying to move to Dallas. Edwin goes back to work on Monday, and the kids go back to school the follow Monday. Our uncertainties of moving to dallas or not, have at least been answered for the present moment. We're continuing life and trusting God for His perfect timing. It's not so easy to trust God when you're actually in some sort of predicament. 

I'm still cooking. Really. I've ruined myself by seeing Julie and Julia (or is it the other way around?!), and now I want to take a cooking course of some sort. One more thing to add to the table, right?! Ha. Maybe when life settles in Dallas one day... How great would that be?! Oh to think of the things I'd learn and gain confidence in! Instead of having meltdowns in my kitchen, breaking bowls when I drop them, burning and ruining dinner for a family of five, or creating something horrible; I can experiment and do all that in class and perfect it at home! Lovely. 

Because believe me; if you've seen the movie, I've had those moments of crying because of dinner. Frustrations to get it right and it's not. The stress, fear, and anxiety of a family to impress to only not be told thank you, or appreciated for cooking all the freakin time! Can I get an amen?! (Edwin, my husband, is sitting by me as I type this, and just gave me a little "amen" shout out).

Edwin and I just purchased a FABULOUS new fridge today. Simply grand. At what point in our lives did we begin getting excited about stinkin appliances?! Well, I can't wait to grocery shop and fill it, and begin cooking again. I might have to take a picture of it and show you. That would make me happy to share my excitement with you. 

On another note, we had a fabulous two weeks in Dallas with my parents, and I'll blog and post pictures, as soon as we're somewhat settled in our new place; and out of a hotel! We were super busy and just had a great time. We took the kids to the lake for some jet skiing, stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, had a super fun birthday party for Keira, spent time with family, and swam everyday! Oh the joys of a pool...

In the meantime; I'm still here, if you are! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cousin Camp

So this past weekend, my parents hosted a "cousin camp" for their 5 grandchildren. It began with a yummy breakfast at IHOP, a puppet show and some preparation at their house, an afternoon at the putt putt/go-kart place, and a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge (hotel in Grapevine, TX with an indoor water-park)! The theme was B.R.A.T from the Army; Be Ready At All Times. My parents had a puppet show and a few mini devotions, about putting on the full armor of God, and "being ready at all times". All the kids stayed in a hotel room with my parents, and we stayed in our own room (a little getaway for us too!) We had such a fun weekend! We didnt take any pictures of the waterpark part, because there wasn't really anywhere to keep our camera. BUT, here are the pictures that I do have!

Sitting on the couch, awaiting instructions; about to go to IHOP
Super cute
Close up of Keira and Adelaide

Keira and I at breakfast

Keira and Adelaide; so cute

After breakfast; listening to Mama Judy talk about "Cuz Camp"
Holding their name tags they just made

Papa Judy passing out their army bags for the weekend!
Talking about "cuz camp"; Kai saluting mama judy

Packing up!

Watching Mama and Papa Judy's puppet show about "being ready at all times"

Looking at army gear and learning how they protect themselves; and learning how we can protect ourselves with the armor of God.

Kade trying on the army mask

Kai and the army helmet

Ethan trying on the army mask

Adelaide; I dont think she liked it!

Keira with the helmet, and her army bag!

At the Putt-Putt place; Kade on the go karts

Edwin and Kai riding double

Ethan, Adelaide, and Keira waiting for the kiddie go karts

Keira is excited! I also love her little romper!

It took Keira a while to figure out how to drive it!

Ethan and his favorite John Deere go kart

Arriving at the hotel; the kids cabin in their room!

One side of the kid's cabin

All on the top bunk!

Playing in the arcade; Kai hit a jackpot!

Ethan and Keira riding the motorcycle ride, in their army shirts!

Posing in front of the sweet shoppe. They all had magic wands from the hotel treasure hunt. The entire hotel had a treasure hunt, and the kids could run around and participate throughout the hotel.

This is one of the treasure hunt "stations". There were just random things like this throughout the hotel, and they would point their wand at it, and the item would light up and give them a new clue!

Here is a picture from the internet, of the waterpark part

Another picture

Super fun