Wednesday, February 4, 2009

no car seat; eeks!


The following happened a few days ago and many of you have already read this email (sorry for the repeat!)
So the other day I was going to pick up Kai and Keira from preschool. I stopped to get some gas first (since it was the 2nd day my gas light was on) and at that point noticed I did not have the car seats for either one. I called Edwin at work (asking for Mr.Twitty in the most professional voice I could find within me) and asked what I should do since we both forget to either exchange cars or switch the car seats! At that point I would have been really late if tried to track down his mom to get the car seats, so he told me to just take them straight home (no shopping, do not pass go, do not collect (or spend) $200). 

I came to a light (once I had the kids in the backseat) with a police right next to me and I told the kids to hide. Not the smartest move on my part; I realize that now (well actually, Edwin told me I shouldn't have made the kids feel they were doing something they weren't supposed to be doing). I dont really think they kids new any different though; like we were playing a game or something.

Here are pictures of the exact instance. 

love to  all,

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