Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 32 and Driving Race car pictures!

32 weeks
32 weeks (at my Dallas shower)

So for Christmas my mom bought Edwin, my dad, and brother Jason, a "ride along" with a professional race car driver and an opportunity for them to drive themselves! We went to Dallas this past weekend for a baby shower for me, and for them to "feel the need for speed"!

Getting ready!

My dad
Jason with Ethan and Adelaide
Crawling in
The fellas waiting for their turn!
Edwin's next!
Jason's next!
My dad crawling out after his ride along
Edwin crawling out from his ride along!
My mom and Ethan. Ethan thought it was too loud
Edwin starting to drive. Ready for 140?!
My dad about to drive!

Watching from the stands. Heidi, my sister in law, her kiddos, and my mom
Dad got "interviewed"
Jason about to drive

Edwin crawling in to drive
After going 140 on a race track. He looks a little disoriented! 
It was a blast to watch, and a great Christmas gift from my mom to the boys! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sea World/San Antonio Pictures

Last week during Spring Break, we surprised the kids and went to San Antonio. We ended up buying Season Passes to Sea World because it was the same price for kids, and only $10 more for adults! Hopefully we'll go a lot this summer, even though its almost a 4 hour drive! We were all exhausted and it was a QUICK vaca, but it was fun and we even got to have dinner with my mama (she was there for work)!

 I definitely would like to say I was a trooper, for being 30 weeks pregnant and walking around at Sea World all day! The kids were troopers too, and did awesome in the car. They're always perfect on car rides. 

About to have dinner and a boat ride on the river walk
Swimming at the hotel
Busy River Walk!

Kai and Keira in front of the Alamo

Kai and Keira being goofy
St.Patrick's Day light Sabers (waiting for dinner PAST bedtime)

First ride at Sea World

The Steal Eel; rollercoaster that Edwin and Kai rode

Kade and Keira looking at the penguins 
In the penguin gift shop
Edwin and Kai on the big rollercoaster! Kade wanted NOTHING to do with it!
Family picture with Shamu (notice his "fin" on my belly)

After a LONG wait, they finally made it on the log ride! I of course, was waiting to capture all the pictures (what else did I have to do?!)

Then they got wet with a sprayer! Look at Edwin leaning out, and Kade leaning in!

Shamu show and Cotton Candy
Edwin and Keira
So long Shamu! Hope to see you this summer with our season pass and baby Kase!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Touches of Spring

I love Easter! I love eating peeps, getting my birds nests out, and loading up the kids Easter baskets! Here are a few touches of Spring around our house; nothing too impressive. I love looking at Easter clearance after Easter! Last year I snatched a $2 Easter Wreath at World Market!

The only thing I bought this year, were these two moss bunnies

I hope you're enjoying spring so far! I can't wait for it to warm up and stay warm! 

This week is Spring Break for us and we're heading to San Antonio Wednesday morning! We're going to take the kids to Sea World! Im really excited! 

Keira (5) said, "Shampoo took his partner".  She was referring to the Shamu accident! Eeks

Edwin is also taking the boys to a Rice/Longhorns game! They are pumped! I gave Keira the choice of what her and I can do, fully expecting her to say shopping, to pick a restaurant, or something! 

No; the girl wants to get cookies at a bakery and watch a movie at home. Thats seriously what she picked! Too funny; and simple. 

10 weeks left til Kase arrives...