Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Do mom's ever get to take a sick day?

I've been sick the past few weeks (no fever, just not feeling well), and this week I felt pretty awful.  I've been sucking it up, hoping the next day would be better, and continuing with my stay at home mom career (not to mention a new nanny to 15 month old Adison). Edwin has also been sick this week, but he continued to go to work and neither one of us made appointments with the doctor. I cannot be added to Edwin's insurance until January, so I currently don't have any insurance and this is the main reason why I haven't seen the doctor. Let me just tell you, you will suffer more and spend more money, than if you just go see the doctor! Nobody wants to feel bad for three weeks, and counting, and spend a bunch of money on over the counter drugs. So I finally gave in and saw Edwin's doctor today. They were super nice and wrote a few prescriptions for both of us.  Edwin is taking the day off tomorrow (friday) so he can actually get some sleep and attempt to feel better. 

So this got me thinking.... when do stay at home mom's ever get a day off? I continued my life as a stay at home mom and all the duties and chores that come with the title; and took care of someone else's child.  Although; I did not have Adison today, as I didn't want to get her sick and just wasn't up for it. So, I got a break from part of my day which did make it easier. I understand that many people would think it's easier to be a stay at home mom, because I get to stay at HOME. Yes, its very nice to be at home and stay in sweats until I have to leave the house! It's very nice to put my laptop on my lap and email with people, while watching Keira and Adison play. But does that mean that I, other stay at home mom's, don't deserve a sick day at home; minus duties and children? I can't help but think that one of the reasons I haven't been able to get better, is because I haven't' slowed down or allowed my body to heal.  I will admit, I went to bed at 8:30 the other night. I woke up feeling like I didnt sleep at all though! I also let some housework slide and got to it today finally. But hey, who does housework all day when they're sick?! I"ll also admit, that I missed being a little girl with my mom and dad this week. Don't judge me.  There's something about being taken care of and fussed over when you're sick. My parents used to scratch my back and just sit with me, as if they didn't have anywhere else to be.  Looking back,  I dont remember my parents being sick; always just doing everything to be there for Jason and I. 
I know (well, i'm learning still) that being a parent means sacrifice, and maybe this is one of those areas that we sacrifice. What do you do when you're sick (or did when you had little kids)? 
Certainly I"m not the only one out there that has thought about this, and likes some sick sympathy! 

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