Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random facts- May 30th, 2008

So i've realized that most of my posts are about the kids, and although they are my life, this blog should be about me too! I decided to give a few random tidbits of information about what's been going on with just me. 
* I've been making homemade Kolaches for breakfast and they're really good.
* I bought a BIG case of red bull from Sam's and they're really good.
* I'm 27 now. That's weird.
* I'm praying and thinking about applying for a teaching position this next year. I"m completely up in arms as to what to do and if I even want to work full time! The open position is for a Bible teacher at a nearby private school, for 7th-12th graders. My first thought was, holy crap; I look like a 12th grader! There's a part of me that would love to use my degrees and seminary training, and be a teacher that is relevant to these kids, helping them to fall in love with Jesus and not see the Bible as another Text book. 
*Our wedding is less than 2 months away! Its been such a blessing and a huge help having a wedding coordinator indallas and my mom! I dont know what I would do without them! I still don't have any idea what i'm walking down the isle too! I've found some worship songs I really love, but can't make up my mind if I should walk down to an all instrumental song. 
* I really like snow cones. For my birthday I asked Edwin to get me a gift card to the snow cone place, but there's no such thing! Edwin created gift certificates for me and gave me 25 envelopes with the money for a small snow cone in each envelope! Very creative and fun. After we put the kids to sleep, I sneak off to get a snow cone! It's a delightful treat. 

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