Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Pictures

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Memorial Day! Here are a few pictures from our day and my birthday! It started off with my favorite sweet tea and Mcdonalds (for real; while we had a showing at our house.) The kids were so excited and thankful that I actually chose Mcdonalds! We returned home and began making cupcakes!

Me and the kiddos (Edwin's not in much of these pictures, as he took most of them!)

Waiting for the cupcakes to finish in the mixer
There's my hubby!
My beautiful Keira
I had to get in on some of the decorating action!

Keira and Kade icing the cupcakes, and Kai trying to get the cap off!
So cute; working so hard for me!

Keira is very meticulous 
Mmmm; strawberry.

My pretty cupcakes, from my pretty kiddos

All my birthday cupcakes on my new cupcake stand!
While we were making cupcakes, there was a knock at the door! My parents came from Dallas to surprise me! I screamed

Edwin, Kade, and my dad watching some sports (typical. haha!)
My mom playing some Guess Who with Kai and Keira

Papa Judy snuggles
We went to the Aquarium restaurant at Kemah. So great! For those of you that are not from Houston, Kemah is down on the water and has restaurants, games, rides, and sorts off a boardwalk
Just posing in front of the restaurant. 
Inside the Restaurant. It was so cool! 
This big fish tank wrapped around the restaurant. The kids kept taking pictures of all the fish and sharks inside! 

Us with my parents, in front of the fish tank
A view of the boardwalk

Another view

Mi famalia 
Bad family; bad.
The Twitty's; stopping to pose
Disclaimer- I'm not pregnant. The dress is pouffy and flowy!

We had a great day and it was so wonderful to have my parents with us! 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial day and birthday to me!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. This past week was pretty busy with all the showings on our house; which we have to leave for each time. We had 4 showings one day! It's great, but also a little stressful to keep the house perfect all the time, and be out of the house (especially if its during dinner or close to bed time! lawsy lou!) So, it's Sunday night right now and I dont know what Edwin has cooked up for my birthday tomorrow! I know I get to pick where we go for lunch, and he took me shopping to pick out what I wanted for my birthday. That was fun! 

Besides a bunch of showings this past week and weekend, we went swimming at our cousins; Chuck and Misty's house on Saturday during a few of the showings. Edwin and the boys were playing basketball and Keira was still in the pool. Misty and I both had our clothes on and were just sitting and talking; watching Keira in the hot tub (she took her floaties off, because she could reach the bottom of the hot tub). I guess she forgot she didnt have her floaties on and she got into the big pool. We were still watching her, but she was just on the steps. She can also swim well enough, to swim to the edge if she fell in! All of a sudden she jumped off the steps and started to swim out; than started sinking. I think she got freaked out that her floaties weren't on; because she could swim back to the edge, if she wasn't in shock! She expected to float, but sank instead, and that scared her. I ran down the pool steps to get her out; clothes, shoes, watch, and all! 
Good thing I was with Misty so she could give me some clothes to change into; and laughs! It was ONLY funny, because I got her before she even went under water and she was fine. It took her a few minutes to calm down though, and realize she was okay. 

Last but not least, Edwin decided to cook dinner for me tonight (I was just planning on making spaghetti). 
This is how it started (it ended yummy though!)

Cinderella, Cinderella; you can't go to the ball until everything is cleaned!
What a good man. Cooked dinner, cleaned up his mess, and did the dishes. I also got an early birthday candle in my garlic bread! haha.
Kai's kindergarten graduation is this Thursday, so I'm planning on making some graduation cookies. You'll have to check my cooking blog for the recipe and pictures!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Memorial Day! I'm now the big 28. I feel wiser already....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our house is now for sale!

We did a lot of work over the weekend, to prepare for our house being on the market! I've been painting all the baseboards, trim, and doors in our house (still have a little more to do), and we worked on some landscaping! I bought a bunch of flowers and Edwin got a truck load of mulch, and we all pitched in together to add some curb appeal! Here are a few pictures from this weekend. Now that our house is officially For Sale, you can be praying that our house actually sells! 

Beginning to unload the mulch
Keira trying to decide if she actually wants to pick up the rake...
I think Keira is pointing, and Kai is raking 
The walkway to our "front door". You can't see it from the front! Interesting huh?!
Kade working hard
Keira working on spreading the mulch around the front tree. This was her "special project"
The front
I spaced out the flowers in their pots, to get a visualization of where to put them all, before we planted them! 

We had an assembly line. Edwin dug the holes; then Kade, Kai, or I planted the flowers behind him, and Keira picked up the flower pots. 

Kai babysitting his school "Ted E Bear" (we had him for the weekend)
Ta Da!
Almost to the front door! 
The front tree looks so much better with some mulch and flowers!

Oh; here's the front door! I painted the trim to help it pop! 

Just another view
And the For Sale sign! Yeah! 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Keira's graduation; pictures galore!

    Yes, they have graduation ceremonies for 4 year olds! How funny/cute!  Here are some pictures and videos from Keira's graduation today (Friday).  Her class worked really hard learning some Bible verses and songs, and Keira was really excited to wear a graduation hat! I don't know why, but I got teary eyed as she was walking in to the "graduation song"! I guess it just shows me how much she's growing up and maturing! Goodness; I'm so emotional! 
     After her graduation, we went and got some snow cones, before picking up the boys from school! We had a little photo shoot at the snow cone place. Keira loves for me to take her picture, and loves to take pictures with my camera! It was some great mommy and me time! On another note, We've signed a contract with an agent to sell our house, and we'll have a sign in the yard on Monday! Now you can just pray the house sells so we can move! 

Keira after her ceremony

Keira and I at the snow cone place! 
Keira taking a picture of me relaxing in the shade! 

Stopping to smell the flowers
This one smells good too, mom! 
Keira loves to eat her snow cone in the boat! 
I love this picture. It just shows her natural beauty
My little graduate in her car seat! We're excited that she's almost the weight to be in a booster! 

Here's a quick video of the 4 years reciting a Bible Verse. Keira is on the front row, on the left! 

Here's an interview I had with Keira at the snow cone place!