Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pregnancy week 36

So after last week and all my nerves and emotions, of the possibility Kase wasn't growing, have all gone away. Thank goodness. My ultrasound and the growth scan came out completely normal and Kase is healthy; right where he should be. The nurse even said he had hair, chubby cheeks, and is in the 38th percentile for his weight. Not too big, not too little.

He measured about 5 1/2 pounds last week, so should be 6 by the end of this week. So yay; Im not producing a big baby!

My uterus and weight had not changed since week 32, but all of a sudden caught up today. I was totally expecting no change, and my doctor to tell me I needed to be induced to get the baby out!

No dilation or anything yet, but I guess thats expected right now. Maybe next week!

Im feeling good/normal. Every once and a while I have some back/hip pain that effects my walking (like today!). I have "slight" swelling, but nothing too noticeable.

It's all still a little surreal and I feel so far away from having a baby. Although now we're at 4 weeks or less!

I wonder when my husband is going to pack for the hospital...I've been packed for weeks....

Monday, April 26, 2010

5 things that I love

Here are 5 things that I"m loving NOW

1. The baby in the belly: Kase. Look at those cheeks!

2. Thoughts of Florida! We're going this summer, and I cant wait.

3. The weather! It's finally warm enough for tanks and sundresses! (4 weeks left by the way)
4. McDonald's Sweet Tea; mmmmmm

5. The opportunity and blessings of staying at home!

What are you loving?! Obviously I love my husband and kiddos too, but that's assumed, right?!
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

35 week updates

So today was my 35 week check up, and now I go every week! It's really crazy to think I"m THAT close, because I still feel so far away from being in labor.

I have my hospital bag packed, and I guess Im as ready as I can be.

I've felt really good the past few weeks. Energy and everything has been normal. I've been sleeping well, except getting up to use the restroom 2-6 times a night! I know thats a large range; it all depends on how much I drink after dinner! But i'm so thirsty...

My cravings, if you want to call it that, include; cereal, oranges, and watermelon. Not so bad eh?! I love to eat oranges and watermelon, but my stomach has been bothering me. I think I"m eating too much of them.

Today I went for my normal apt, and was surprised that my weight was the same (but maybe not too shocked since I gained 7 pounds last time!) The nurse checked the babies heart rate and it was good and strong; always comforting! Then she measured my belly and it was the same from 2 weeks ago. She said she didnt think my doctor would be concerned, because 1 week of no growth isn't completely abnormal, but she may do an ultrasound to check the baby.

Lovely. Emotions are starting to set in.

The positive side of another ultrasound, was that I got to see the baby again! I saw his heart beating, him breathing, his hand by his head (which is low by the way!), and the assurance that he looked good!

To leave this short; Im going back on Thursday for another ultrasound to have the baby's growth monitored and the amniotic fluid levels checked. I have to drink more water and no more morning cokes.

Maybe I'll buy caffeine free coke, and try to trick my mind.

So I have a lot of out of town family that will be visiting my parents in Dallas the weekend of May 1st. I thought it would be fun to drive and spend the weekend there! I started to make plans and arrangements to go by myself, and even get a hair appointment with my lady there!

But then I realized I would be 3 1/2 weeks away from my due date, and driving to Dallas alone, was probably not the smartest idea. So I punted that idea. Besides, doctors tell you not to leave home after week 36!

I forgot to mention I couldn't get my wedding ring off! I've had ZERO swelling so far, thank goodness, but my knuckles have apparently decided to enlarge. I tried to take my ring off because it was starting to cut my finger, and I couldn't! I tried everything! Drank water, put my hand in ice, used lotion, and sprayed my finger with windex (seriously; somebody told me to try that).

I attempted again yesterday (because Edwin was getting claustrophobic for me!), and it wouldnt budge. FINALLY; after spraying windex on my finger again, it came off with a small fight.

Ouch. It hurt.

And now I feel like people are looking at me like Im a knocked up teenager.

Until next time...

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Perfect Date

What's your idea of a perfect date?! Can your mind even go there?! Being 35 weeks pregnant and all, my perfect date would begin by NOT being pregnant. The last date we had, ended a little early because my feet were killing me as we walked through Borders.

Our dates are generally simple and satisfying; dinner, a movie, shopping, and/or wondering through a book store. Every once and a while we'll go to a nice restaurant but we'll end up home early, because we're tired! Curling up on the couch and watching a movie is sometimes WAY more appealing than being out and about. And lets face it; when you have 3 kids and another on the way (if you dont know us, its okay to say; crap, that's a lot of kids!), being tired is sometimes just life!

HOWEVER; the perfect date (and lets dream big here folks!), would be a weekend away! Can a date be extended into a weekend?! I suppose it can be, since this is MY dream perfect date! Maybe even a local hotel, where we can sleep in, order room service, watch movies, go to the hot tub, and FOR SURE spa services!
I LOVE me some spa time.
My husband and I both love DSW, so we'd have to fit some shoe shopping in there too. So...the perfect mix between luxury and relaxation, and being out and about!

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Visit me tomorrow; I'll have 35 week pictures and updates from my doctor's appointment. Im hoping I haven't gained another 7 pounds like I did last time!

***UPDATE: new blog about 35 weeks now posted

Monday, April 5, 2010


This year for Easter we "celebrated" on Saturday, by having dinner and an Easter Egg hunt at my In Laws with the cousins. On Sunday, we always have the kids baskets ready for them and head off to church, but we didnt have an "Easter Meal" that day!

This is one Prego mama that wasn't about to cook a big Easter meal (33 weeks on Wed!) I hope everyone had a great weekend! Keira doesn't have preschool today, so we're hanging out! After this post of course...

Keira ready to hunt for Easter eggs!
Keira and Seth

Kade; not to old for hunting yet!

Kade and Keira about to check out their candy
Miss Quinn
Trying to enjoy some gum

Sunday morning Baskets (sorry, no pictures of "Easter Church Outfits!"
Kitchen table with Easter goodies
Family gift
Keira's basket
Kai's basket

Family gift (although Keira immediately put it in her purse, and will not part without it!)

Kade's basket
Love the color coordinating candy at Walmart!

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