Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Easter Mantle

I finally found my Easter Tub! We're hosting Easter at our house on Saturday (plus an egg hunt for the kids), so I needed to get my Easter stuff up ASAP! My husband and I LOVE doing the kids Easter Baskets and getting tons of candy. We know its NOT what Easter is all about, and we certainly don't try to make it about the candy. But we do love our peanut butter eggs, up in the Twitty household!

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Here are some pictures of my Easter mantle. I would love to get some more nests and eggs, but unless I find them SUPER cheap, i'm just too cheap to buy them.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen tools that are essential!

Do you like to cook and bake a lot? Maybe you don't necessarily "like" to, but being a mama or wife, puts you in that role?! Here is a list of my have kitchen tools, that are essential! Take a peak at Sweetlifeaswife for other ideas!

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1. My Crock Pot. I don't really use this a lot, but I use it for soups, roast, and bbq. My husband and I aren't really a fan of chicken in the crockpot, so I don't use it for chicken recipes!

2. My super large skillet. I use this ALOT. Its ginormous. I use this when I'm frying pork chops or chicken, and need all the meat to fit in 1 pan!
3. My gorgeous red mixer
4. Tons of spoons. I routinly use 3 or more spoons while making dinner. When you have multiple pots or skillets going, you need to make sure you have enough spoons!
5. My wonderful stainless steal, gas range. LOVE
6. My Red Dutch Oven. This is great for things that need to simmer (like soups, rice, etc)

7. My hand meat tenderizor (found at bed, bath, and beyond). You really need one of these if you don't have one. I use it every time I'm cooking meat.
8. Plastic cutting boards. These are super easy to store, use, and clean
9. My huge food processor. These babies are expensive, but so worth the investment! You can put a whole onion in; love it!

10. My family griddle/grill
I hope that might help if you're looking for some cooking inspiration! I"m linked to Welcome Wednesday from Take It From Me. Hop on over if you're looking for more mom's!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1st birthday inspiration

Our babies first birthday is coming up in May. I CANT believe it; seriously. It makes me sad to think how big he's getting, but so happy and excited for each new stage with him! One of his favorite things is balls. So I think for his party, Im just going to get plates and stuff that are polka dots like ball pit balls, and go off that. He has a little ball pit, and I thought it would be cute to use the balls to decorate with. Also, I may fill a baby pool outside, with some ball pit balls. Here are some inspirational pictures! Come dream with me (because I'm too cheap to do anything close to these pictures! And lets face it; with 4 kids, a huge blow out expensive party just doesn't happen!)
Love these cupcake toppers

LOVE this cake! I wonder if I can do it....I like the apothecary jars with candy too! Im sure I can do that Love all the bright colors here Another super cute, not profesional, polka dot cake
Cute idea for cupcakes!
Now here's a cheap way to get polka dots; colored plates!
Love this.
Polka dot cups
polka dot plates

Cute ideas huh?! All it takes is money and the imagination!

*Most of the pictures were found at PolkaDotBirthday.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

top 10 summer essentials

Today over at SimplySweetLife, the Tuesday topic is your top 10 favorite summertime memories or activities. Here's my list that I came up with! It certainly gets me in the mood for summer! 1. Having my husband home all summer! (lets face it; having some help with 4 kids ALL summer is pretty nice!) 2. Snow cones and Sonic drinks 3. Vacations (A possible Florida trip is in the works; I hope it works out!) 4. Sleeping In (I put this because its a memory I USED to have. Not so much anymore, with 4 kids. DONE are the days of sleeping in! 5. Birthday's! (we have 5 of 6 birthday's during the summer!) 6. Pool time 7. Sun dresses 8. Cuz Camp (Every summer our kids and 2 of their cousins on my side of the family, get together with my parents and have "cuz camp". My parents plan a trip and we all go. Its a very special time, as my parents lead bible studies, have them memorize verses, and the kids have a blast! Last year we did this in Florida, this year we're going to my parents cabin out in East Texas. 4 wheelers, dirt bikes; etc. Fun times! 9. Baby pool in the backyard (this is a new memory I want to have with my little one this summer!) 10. Popcycles
Ready for summer!?