Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Them Sick Twitty's

Today has been a "crazy mom day"; as I like to call it. Let's start with last week, which leads up to today. 
Poor Kai was home with a fever last Thursday and Friday, but started to feel better over the weekend. He went to school Monday, but apparently it wore him out because he got a 101 fever that night and is home again today. Kade stayed home from school yesterday, and all the coughing sparked his asthma and had to do some breathing treatments last night. Keira lost her voice on Sunday, but said she didnt feel bad; thats weird. TODAY, I took Keira to the dentist while my father in law sat with Kai at the house (thank you family!) She's appears to have a little fever and definitely doesnt feel good.  I was naively hoping Kade and Keira wouldnt get sick too! Edwin wasn't feeling great over the weekend, but I think his back pain is keeping him from thinking about it. He's going to a chiropractor which is great, because he's getting the treatment needed for his back pain! The bills; not so great. 
Back to the kids, I just picked up Kade from school during his lunch break, so he could do another breathing treatment for his asthma. All three kids have a dr.'s appointment today at 3:15, so I'll be taking Kade back to school in a minute, then picking him up earlier AGAIN. Why not just let him stay home, ya say?! Well for one; he doesnt feel bad enough to stay home. And two; he left his backpack and everything at school! On my way to pick up Kade earlier, I drove thru McDonalds to get everybody lunch to eat at home. NONE of the kids took more than one bite! what?! Seriously. None of them are hungry; even for their favorite thing on this planet! If I wasn't convinced they were sick, I am Now! I took some pictures of Them Sick Twitty's. Poor kiddos. 
I'll be honest, its days like these when I feel like I need a supermom cape or something, to get through! But there is no supermom cape; just the grace bestowed from God and the support of our families. A special thanks to my husband for allowing me to email and text him a zillion times before noon! (and he responded each time). My husband rocks. 

Here's Kade doing his breathing treatment
Kai in the chair

Sweet little Keira on the couch


  1. Aw poor kiddos! It's so horrible when the kids are sick.

    Sending prayers for a quick recovery!

  2. Hope everyone feels better real soon - take care of yourself.

  3. What a crazy day you had! It's so hard when kids are sick. I hope they feel better soon!


  4. oh goodness, I hope they are all feeling better soon!

    You are right! NO Superwoman cape, just the grace of God...