Friday, July 24, 2009

I"ve been MIA from Blogland

OH My lanta; I haven't blogged in forever! We're moving out this weekend (by Monday), so we've been incredibly busy packing boxes etc. Let me be honest with all of you, and share what our plans are (or lack there of!) Currently, we still don't have a job in dallas to move for; but our house has sold and we're moving out. SOOO our plan is to stay with my parents in Dallas, and view it as a little "2 week vacation". If a miracle doesn't occur during that time; we'll be moving back to Houston and staying in a rent house for a while. We didn't think it would turn out this way, and we're still holding out for something to happen in the next few weeks; but, we're also trying to be realistic. It's been pretty stressful to figure it all out, and kinda emotional with all the "what if's" and disappointments. 

I also haven't blogged, because something TERRIBLE has happened to my Iphoto on my computer. Somehow all my pictures were wiped out, and I"m in the process of trying to recover my photos, and get it figured out. VERY frustrating. 

Hopefully my next blog will be of some fun in Dallas! We're going to this AMAZING hotel this weekend in Dallas, with an indoor water park! AMAZING. 

OH: Our 1 year anniversary is Sunday! We're going to spend the day packing; and although we had to cancel our trip, it's just POSTPONED. We will go! He Promised!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4th of July; work and fun

I dont even know where to begin! My parents came for the weekend, and helped Edwin and I tackle some projects on our exterior. We had our inspection, and we needed to repair some rotten wood and siding in the back of our house. My parents were planning on driving back to Dallas on Saturday, but ended up staying until Sunday night! It was a lot more work than we all thought; but it's done! We did have a little bit of fun and went to Kemah Boardwalk for the day on Friday. We all road a bunch of rides and ate at the Aquarium restaurant. Keira wins an award for most adventurous. She wanted to ride everything.  We went there for an early birthday outing for Kai, and that's where he wanted to go! We started work on Saturday and the heat index here in Houston, was 106! It was extremely hot and although I worked too, I didnt nearly do as much work as my dad and Edwin! 

Keira and I on the Ferris Wheel
Poor Kai was terrified. He loved it though; just had a hard time WANTING to go. 
This is a great picture. He loved this ride. 

My mom and Keira on the Merry-go-Round 
Kai munchin on his birthday ice cream at the Aquarium Restaurant 
Kade enjoying some birthday ice cream
yes; that's a candle up his nose 
Keira in the gift shop
My mom
Having some fun in the arcade 
Keira and my dad playing a boxing game
walking to the car; sweaty and ready to go! 

Keira ready to work outside! (she dressed herself)
Covering windows to paint, removing siding, using wood filler, etc
I'm using Bond-o and wood filler. I loved using that stuff. I dont know why
Kade helping my dad
Keira picking up some trash

This is our bay window in our kitchen. You can see where we've ripped off the siding, and some of the rotten wood around the windows to replace it ( I say "we", but my dad is obviously the one in the picture doing the work; not me!)
Wow. Lot's of stuff everywhere
Edwin and my dad tag teaming with the paint sprayer, and their homemade blocker! 
The new siding is on the bottom and the dark stuff is the filler I used to patch up holes, etc (before we painted everything, obviously)
Last but not least, we enjoyed some 4th of July cupcakes and mini cake pops! The kids enjoyed decorating them; and eating them. For the recipe and more pictures, visit my food blog.
Little mini cupcakes 

Edwin and I are going to begin packing boxes this week. 3 1/2 weeks will come quick, and we dont want it to sneak up on us. Continue to pray for a job in Dallas! 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We sold our house!

So we officially have a contract on our house, after some back and forth negotiating! We're getting full asking price, which is such a blessing for us! Of course this is all pending inspection. We have to move July 28th, which is very scary. Edwin and I are actually going out of town July 26th, for our 1 year Anniversary trip (I dont know where yet!), so we have to move out before then. It's really great and a blessing that our house sold, but now its a little bit scary since we dont have a job to move to in Dallas. We pretty much have 3 1/2 weeks to hear something, or we're going to need to find a rent house here in Houston. You can be praying for the second half of this move! The kids are super excited to move to Dallas (Kade, the oldest, is sad to leave friends which is understandable!), and we're ready to move forward in this next chapter of our lives. 

I just wanted to share the news! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keira's quote about Princessess

Keira- " Kai, did you know that princesses throw up? Because them are just real people."