Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things you should know about Them Twittys- Oct.9th, 2008

a list of things about my day, my life, and them Twitty's...
1. Sonic drinks are 50% off every day, from 2-4! I can get a large sweet tea and a small rootbeer (for Keira and I) for $1.49. I look forward to my Monday Sonic treat, which brightens up any case of the Monday's!
2. A nice, new dryer has made my day so much easier! If you have a really old washing machine, consider taking the plunge and purchasing a new set! Our whirlpool cabrio, has saved us money on our water bill and electric bill, AND me time by drying quicker! 
3. Keira decided to cut her hair on Tuesday. Her hair was in a pony tail so she got REALLY lucky that it doesn't look too bad. There's a small inverted V in the back, some new layers, and a small chunk of hair on top that she made really short. It all blends in pretty well, but the short hair up top is a bit problematic! I"m going to get it trimmed up on friday.
4. Edwin and I are going to get tattoos. He wants to get a ring tattoo underneath his actual ring in red ink. We agreed it would look silly on me since my band is so thin, so i'm thinking about one on my wrist... but we don't know much more than that right now. Stay tuned!
5.  Kai is going to try basketball this year! This past season, he complained a lot about baseball and didn't want to play again! BUT, now he wants to play again this season and try something new. Kade will also be playing both sports, like he did last season.  There doesn't seem to be any time for poor Keira to try anything! wah wah. I'm hoping next August when we're hopefully in dallas, to enroll her in dance.  She'll be 5 and I think thats a good age to start something; officially. 
6. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing the laundry! I watch the hampers pile up, and just don't want to do it. This only ends up backfiring on me, because I end up having an endless abyss of laundry to do all at once! 
7. Edwin thinks I watch too much HGTV, because I always have renovation and redecorating ideas! I painted our master bath, master bedroom (edwin did the bedroom all by himself while I was out of town!), Keira's room, and the boys room. Due to Hurricane Ike, pretty much ALL of the walls in our house have water damage and need to be fixed and repainted. It's frustrating to think about repainting everything that we just did, but also exciting because I want to paint the kitchen and the kids bathroom! Danger, danger! I"m hoping it will make everything look better, and not hurt us when we sell! 
8.  My sister in law, Jessica Chandler, finds out if baby number 3, is a boy or girl in 2 weeks! I'm very excited and Edwin and I think she's having a girl. Edwin said that he just has a feeling, but Kai told me that i'm going to have two boys, so what do they know?!
9.  We order pizza once a week for kids night. We usually order from Pizza Hut because we get three pizza mia's for $5 each! You can't beat that! We pull out a big blanket in the family room, and have a pizza picnic with a movie. 
10. I really like how our house smells. I"ve tried hard to bring pleasing aromas into our home. My absolute favorite items are the WoodWick diffusers (redwood scent). We have two of them and I LOVE sitting right next to it!
11. I"m still addicted to snowcones. Its my late night guilty pleasure. I sneak out after the kids have gone to bed and return with two mediums! (not every night of course!)
12.  At some point, Edwin and I need to begin networking for jobs in dallas. Are you hiring?!
13. If you're married or have kids, go to your local halloween store the day AFTER halloween! Costumes are 50% off and its a great time to stock up for the next year, or to add to your personal lingerie collection! 

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