Sunday, October 24, 2010

Touches of Fall

Who says you can't decorate for fall with a Christmas tree?! Get some orange lights, and its just fine for fall!

I LOVE going to Hobby Lobby the day after Halloween, and picking up more pumpkins on sale. I have my eye on more white ones. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Pictures/Kids

In no way shape or form, do I apologize for the mass amount of images! Thanks to Tasha Pool for our family pictures!

These pictures were taken by Tasha Pool at Homeshade Photography

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funny 1 liners from my labor with Kase

My mom wrote down all the funny stuff I said, while in labor and delivery with Kase. She just found the piece of paper and shared them with me! Im a pretty funny girl. I was drugged up pretty good (had preclampsia and was on all sorts of stuff for it, that made me pretty loopy and feel really groggy!) I dont remember saying half of this stuff!


* Nurse- "Michelle, whats your highest level of education, and your job?"
Me- "Masters, and homemaker. I make smart cookies!"

* Foreign anesthesiologist- He asked me three questions with his BACK to me.
Me to Nurse- "What is he saying?!"(I couldnt understand him!)
Me to Anesthesiologist- I'm putting my life in your hands; can you please look at me?!"

*Me- "I haven't eaten in over 24 hours. I would like to be eating a Cinnabon during my last push, followed by french toast, and a Citrus Squeeze from Jamba Juice"

*Nurse to me- "the contractions are getting stronger now, so this will really test your pain tolerance."
Me- "I have IBS, it can't be worse than that!"
Nurse- "Oh, you'll be fine then!"

*My Dad was standing behind a curtain during delivery, auto taping the delivery
Me- "That has to be illegal!"

*We had not made up our minds on Kase's middle name; Holden or Michael. The lady to complete the birth certificate walked in and asked, so we told her to come back in 5 minutes!
Me- "What's his middle name?!"
Edwin- "Let's play rock, paper, scissors for it!"
My Dad- "Since Edwin likes poker, I think it should be Kase Holdem"

Hope that gave you a good laugh!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kase eats like a champ

These are a few weeks old, but I've been meaning to post these pictures! We've also given him some applesauce, peaches, and green beans and he eats like a champ! Edwin, hubby, says he's never had a baby (or known of a baby)that has done as well! I dont give it to him everynight, since he doesn't "need" it quite yet. It certainly doesn't make him go longer in between nursing, because he still nurses to go to sleep, than wakes up 2 hours later (then 2 hours later, then 2 hours later; you get the point! I've been meaning to sleep train him, but he's been sick this week so i've been waiting!) I'm under the impression that some babies naturally sleep through the night really young, and others just don't. Kase definately doesn't. With a family of 6, he's in our room and its difficult to let him cry it out, when my husband needs sleep! We're doing what we can, and will figure it out :)
My first cereal

Both our older boys are playing football, and I'll have to post some of those pictures soon. They're both having a blast and are studs.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dallas Bound (pictures)

Kase and I are going to Dallas, for Kase's first trip there! Very excited to visit family and friends for the weekend and show off my favorite:

cereal eating...
Duck attacking...

4 month old!
and here's a gorgeous picture of Keira. We took family/kid pictures last weekend, and I snuck this with my cell phone :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

House reveal; before and after!

It's been quite a while since I blogged last. Things have obviously been busy with moving, unpacking, school starting, etc...

Well, I finally have the house decorated and unpacked enough, to show some before and after pictures! We still have some "projects", but who doesn't?! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do!
Bedroom 2 before:
Kade's room after:

Bedroom 3 before:
Keira's room after:
Game room before:

Game room after
The two chairs went with a pub table that lost a leg during the move. bummer.
Half bath before:

Half bath after:

Stairs before:
Stair's after:

Entry before:

Entry after:

Master bath before:
Master bath after:
Bedroom 4 before:
Kai's room after:

Master before:

Master after:
Kitchen to family room before:
Kitchen to family room after:

Kitchen before:
Kitchen after:

Formal dining/office before:
Office after (still need bookcase and the table in that box put together!)

Family room before:

Family room after:

Upstairs bath before:

Upstairs bath after: