Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another weekend at the Twitty household, March 30th, 2008

The past few months have been faithful to present restful and relaxing weekends. Well, that all ended this weekend now that baseball season is in full effect.  Kai had a parade beginning at 8am (which we ended up missing because the kids didnt wake up until 8:30! Edwin and I were both secretly thankful) then his first baseball game kicked off at 12:30. Keira and I watched from the sidelines baking in the sun, and cheering for our little second baseman, while Kade ran around and Edwin stood near the dug out to coach Kai. We were finally all able to enjoy a quick lunch after the game, which was 2:00 by the time we got home. Edwin and Kade ate and left the house at 2:30 for Kade's baseball game at 3! I stayed at the house with Kai and Keira so they could rest (we say that we're going to "just rest" when we need them to lay down). Kade didnt win his game, but they had a great time and it was really close! They got home after 5, just in time to figure out dinner and wind down with a movie before bed time.  Now you'll understand why the night before I told Edwin, " I dont want to do life this weekend!"

After church on Sunday, we all went to Sams to do some "bulk" grocery shopping and eat there. I think that Edwin and I were having more fun than the kids! I"m pretty sure we went down every isle; enjoying all the sights and smells that Sams has to offer! And who can beat $16 for 5 people to eat lunch; pizza, hot dogs, icees, and churro's! The funniest thing and main reason why I wanted to write this blog, was because of something that Kade said. Kade looked over and saw baby twins and I commented how difficult it would be to have more than one the same age. Then we began talking about a kid on Kai's baseball team that's a triplet and has an older brother too. Kade was remarking about how 4 kids was so many and Edwin asked him, "what would you think if we had 4 kids in our family?"
Kade replied, "man, two is enough for me" (regarding keeping up with Kai and Keira).

Later that afternoon Edwin and I decided to wash our cars since it was absolutely beautiful outside! The kids all changed into their bathing suits so they could have a water gun fight in the front yard, and I ended up changing into some shorts and a t-shirt of Kades (I probably shouldn't have admitted that). Later that evening it rained.

The weekend wrapped up with a 10 minute party before the kids went to sleep. This consisted of loud music on Edwin's Ipod and cleaning the play room upstairs. Who could resist this 10 minute Twitty party?! It's amazing how much gets done in 10 minutes when you have 5 people. 

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