Friday, June 3, 2011

The "Mom I'm Bored" list

We all know summer is a fabulous time to spend with our children, other family and friends, and do fun things! We also know its a time that we try to keep our kids occupied, from killing one another, and from driving us insane. 2 months is a long time, and I am certainly blessed to have a husband that gets to be home the entire summer. I may end up in a mental facility, if I was home alone with 4 kids all summer.

Even with my husband at home, there are still those moments when the kids say, "mom I"m bored!". We don't really allow our kids to just watch TV all day, or play countless hours of video games. They certainly get ample time of technology; we just limit it.

This summer is going to be a little bit busier than last summer (our youngest was born so it was pretty slow moving at the beginning of the summer!) We're going to Florida on vaca for 3 weeks, and our kids will be with grandparents near Austin for about 1 week. SOOO, we dont have 2 full months of boredom at least!

So, without further notice, here is my "mom I'm bored" go to list. When a child is bored and/or has run out of video game time, they can check this list to find something else to do. If nothing STILL peaks their interest, there are plenty of chores listed as well!

We can go to:

The Pool

The Library

The park

A friends house


Somewhere to take portraits with mom (Keira is the only one that will let me go and take her picture! ha)

You can:

Ride my bike

Jump on the trampoline

Play in the sprinkler

Read a book

Make crafts

Draw/Write in a notebook


Play with Legos/toys

Play a board game

Take pictures with a camera

Cook or Bake with mom

Go run errands or go to store with mom

Lay out in the sun

Jump rope/blow bubbles/play with chalk

Paint toes

Go on a walk on our street

Talk on the phone/Text

Play dress up

Make a card

Write someone a letter

Make a video with videocamera

Play hide and go seek

Water balloon fight

Write mom and dad a note

Go to mall

Take a bubble bath

Vacuum /Sweep kitchen

Clean my room

Clean the bathroom

Wash car/do yardwork

Play on the computer

Pick a movie

Help play with Kase

Make beds

Do laundry