Thursday, April 2, 2009

What happens when 5 cousins get together

This is what I call puppet show chaos! This occurred this past weekend in Dallas (our kids; Kade, Kai and Keira, and my brothers kids; Ethan and Adelaide). I caught a few seconds of it on video. Make sure your volume is up! 


  1. What a craazy puppet show! But so cute! It reminds me of when my kids and my sister's kids get together at my mom's house. She has a ton of puppets. They all have a great time.

    It looks like yours were having a super time. It's so nice when cousins get together and like being together!


  2. Thanks for stopping over! It is always fabulous to meet new bloggers. BTW your family is adorable {the pic on your sidebar}!

  3. Thomas and I just watched the video and think it's hilarious...puppet show chaos is right!
    Katie K