Monday, April 6, 2009

Interior work finally begins!

Today is the first day, that interior work is being done to our house (due to Hurricane Ike). We had to completely clear out the boys room, Keira's room, and the hall bathroom. COMPLETELY. Right now the contractors are scraping, retexturing, and repainting their rooms for the next 4 days (or so), then will slowly (or quickly!) get to every room in the house. All of their bedroom stuff is in our family room, and our bedroom. We're not exactly sure where the kids are going to sleep the next few nights, but we'll figure it out! Once they're done with those rooms, we'll have to clear out and empty the next room for them to work on. Its going to be a pain and hassle once they begin work in the family room and our bedroom! The exciting thing, is that our house is finally getting fixed and taken care of from all the Ike damage! I got to go pick out paint colors, since every room in our house is being redone! We're painting all neutrals (tans) since we're going to sell, and that's something we were going to have to do anyways! Here are some pictures right now. 
Keira's empty room!
Kade and Kai's empty room! (sorry; weird camera angle. The work has already started in this room)
One of the boys dressers, and a bunch of stuff piled up
More stuff

Keira's dresser and more of the boys stuff, and all their comforters 
At least our bed is made! (Thats the boys dresser)
Keira's kitchen in our kitchen (she's excited about cooking while I"m cooking!)
All their beds and Keira's bookcase in our family room!

At least now we know what good helpers/movers the kids are! We all pitched in and worked together, to quickly empty out all three rooms. The kids were a great help! It definitely looks like we're moving, and I"m not sure if its depressing or exciting, that we're going to do this all again when we DO move! 


  1. Oh Michelle - what a pain! But it will be so nice when everything is done and all painted. That will be so fun!

    I found when we got our carpet in November, that it was such a pain to move everything and clean it out, but so much more organized and nice when it was all done.

    Have a super week. I can't wait to see pictures!


  2. Ooooh that doesn't look like such a fun weekend! Well at least things will be looking pretty soon. I love your bedspread! So fresh and clean. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. When it is all done you will be able to step back and know that it is done and it will be plenty worth it. Cant wait to see it finished!

  4. Wow... I'm so sorry you have to go through all this hassle! I can't wait to see the tranformation though!

    I'm also really excited about your cooking blog! I love trying new recipes!


  5. Oh, no! What a job for ya'll to do! Look forward to seeing the finished photos. Good Luck. Hope the kids sleep well, tonight.

  6. It looks like it can be a pain, but you are going to sell that house that should be exciting=) Sell that house Twitty's!!!