Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No where left to sit; going to the zoo!

So Keira and I (and her cousin Zane!) are about to go to the Zoo! We're both sitting on my bed right now, because there's no where left to be in our house! Last night Edwin and I emptied out our family room, dining space, kitchen, and kitchen table. For real. It's all in the garage. It's like we just moved, but we're not moving! UG. I told Edwin I just wanted to keep everything in the garage until we actually DID move!  I AM actually excited to have everything done and painted, then stage the house to sell. We're not going to put a lot of things back on the walls; de cluttering and staging!  There's a plumber in our upstairs game room caping off and removing some plumbing, from that sink Edwin yanked out. A plumber came out yesterday, but I apparently had him do the wrong thing.  OH LAWWWWWWW!
Here are some pictures from today:

First; the finished bathroom! I put everything back this morning (except the wall decor)

Off to the zoo!


  1. Wow! You've been busy. Just wanted to let you know I dropped by your post about the IKEA mirror. Love it!

  2. The bathroom looks great! Have fun at the zoo!

  3. It is coming along! I hope you had a great time at the zoo!


  4. Oh girl...what a pain in the boo-hiney, but sooooo worth it! Thank goodness it's almost finished, for your poor sake. Hope you had fun at the zoo with the kiddos.


    [p.s. Did you make it to Pier One? That fabulous egg grapevine wreath is on sale too, and some uber cute nests. I think I need to go back...I want MORE!

  5. and you're preparing Easter dinner for the whole family? send us a picture of how that works out with your house all torn up. This should be good! Love you all!