Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures of our floors

I'm so glad this is all over with. So glad. I've been cleaning up this morning, and trying to put some things back where they belong! We still have a few things to hang up, but we're pretty much done with everything. Now I want to paint our kitchen cabinets since the floors are so much nicer! I think the nicer floors make the cabinets look like poo poo. I dont know that we're ready to take on another project yet! Maybe someone will love our house and buy it; the way it is and everything we've put into it!  Here are some pictures of our floors and updates! I"m not including the guest bath, the kid's room, or the playroom.  Hopefully we'll get this baby on the market soon and we'll find jobs in Dallas, and move forward! 

Our family room

Our new fireplace! You should have seen it before. We put our TV armoire over it. 
Our laundry room. It looks so much better! There were built in shelves to the left (you cant see it), and Edwin ripped those out. He might attempt to build something there; like a pottery barn locker/shelf system. Ya know?! Amazing
Our master bath

The entry/front door (we haven't put anything back on the walls here; we're not sure what we're going to do yet)
Our kitchen and dining; we're blessed with a large kitchen

Whew! It's over! Thank you for reading and encouraging me through this process! 


  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Your home is lovely.

  2. Everything looks so great!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally jealous my house doesn't look like that right now. Glad to see your toilets are in place!!

  3. It looks awesome. What a beautiful home you have!


  4. The floors look so good! I love what you picked out.

  5. Michelle! Your place looks great! You picked out really nice floors. You are a natural interior decorator.
    We need to get together sometime =)


  6. Your home is so pretty! Beautiful new floors, too!

    ~ Sarah