Friday, April 17, 2009

8 Things...

Two posts in one day! Aren't you lucky!? One mom, five kids tagged me in this little bloggy game. Thanks a lot! haha. 

8 Things I'm looking forward to

1. Having a baby
2. Our floors being completed!
3. Selling our house QUICKLY
4. Going to dallas for my grandpa's 87th birthday party
5. Moving to Dallas
6. Continuing to learn how to cook, and find good recipes my family loves
7. A date night
8. The summer with my husband and kids!

8 things I did yesterday

1. Took the boys to school
2. Watched Mary Poppins with Keira in her bed
3. Ate Easter candy
4. Got sweet tea from McDonalds
5. Took Kai to his baseball game
6.  Emailed with my husband at work
7.  Bought the boys some clothes at Target
8. Had sonic for lunch with Keira (I can't cook or walk in the kitchen!)

8 things I wish I could do

1. Scrapbook better
2. Dance beautifully
3. Be prego tomorrow 
4. Make money from home (who doesn't!?)
5. Redo our loft game room! 
6. Be more confident and trust in God's timing
7. Snap my fingers and have my friends and family all in Houston; or snap my fingers and have us there
8. Find jeans that actually fit me; they're all too big. 

8 shows I watch

1. Lost
2. The Office
3. American Idol
4. America's Next Top  Model
5. Gangland (my husband and I like this show on the History channel. I think.)
6. Phinneas and Ferb (This is on WAY to much; but its Kai's favorite). 
7. Intervention
8. Penguins of Madagascar (a new kid favorite)

8 people i'm tagging 

Just enjoy reading my list, and do it if you want to! 


  1. The babies like Phinneas and Ferb also. I have a small 'thing' for it also. I love Candance - she's such a teenager - she cracks me up.

    Thanks for playing along! :-}

  2. I love the 8 things tag. 8 is my favorite number. And what? You don't think Oprah wants to be my new BFF? ;D Maybe I could talk everyone I know and everyone that reads my blog or follows me on Twitter to send her a letter telling her I should be her new best friend. I am sure if she gets 6 letters it will change her mind!

  3. On the things you wish you could do: #3 (getting prego) will solve #8 (your jeans being too big!)