Friday, April 24, 2009

Frugal Find

I found a great frugal find today! I was out and about, and stumbled into World Market wasting some time. I got a large Easter wreath for $2 bucks; originally $20. I got a few smaller birds nests for $.69/for two. How great is that!? The only sad thing, is I have to wait until next Easter to use it! I love after holiday sales. Head over to the Shabby Nest for other frugal finds, and get some inspiration to turn trash into treasure! 

I also have to share this. My hubby came home yesterday with these beautiful orange roses! My husband rocks! 


  1. Beautiful Flowers! Enjoy.
    I love to get flowers, but my allergies normally have me sneezing, etc.

    So I have to plant flowers in pots on our patio to enjoy them.

    Have a great day.

  2. What a sweet husband you have! And your wreath is cute. Have a super weekend!


  3. what great easter clearance scores! and your husband!

  4. I love those orange roses...those would go in my kitchen! Too gorgeous! If my hubby brought me those, he would sure get some sugars! :)

  5. Wow, those roses are gorgeous!
    I love orange...:)

  6. LOVE those rockin deals. We don't have a World Market, but I've been there and I love it.

    What a sweet hubby you are blessed with!


  7. Great finds!
    What a sweet hubby!
    My 9 yr old son brought me home flowers yesterday after I got home from the hospital. So sweet! Totally makes your day huh? :)

  8. That wreath is so cute!! Kudos to your hubby for the roses! I'm impressed!

  9. Wow, i wish our WorldMarket hadn't closed down, i dearly miss that place! I love your roses! your man was SO sweet to do that! nice to 'meet' you!