Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My new cake dome

For the past week, I've been staring at the front door and awaiting the arrival of my new cake dome! It's a present from my mom (THANK YOU!). Who doesn't like getting packages and mail?! Edwin receives a lot of books and magazines in the mail, and sometimes he writes my name on the package, so I can "pretend" its for me! haha. 

I dont have anything to put in it yet, or a cake to bake; but I had some fake apples that will work for now! Do you have a cake stand or dome? If so, how do you decorate or use it?

I love it! 
Here are some inspirational pictures I"ve saved, to get my creative juices flowing...


  1. ooooh i love that!!!!!! I have been wanting one for awhile but thought that I don't really bake cakes all that often. Well, now I see that they're not just for that! Where did you get yours?

  2. I also love the get packages! SO Fun! I like the cake stand. I use mine to serve lots of differnt things while entertaining. I have never thought to use it to decorate. Great Idea. I like the apples.

  3. Oh - that is just so cute Michelle! I saw one at TJ Maxx the other day and almost bought it. I talked myself out of it, but of course now I wish I had bought it!

    SO cute!


  4. Love the apples! What a great way to add color to a room with out a huge commitment!

    So cute!

    I'll be linking this sunday!

  5. What are those bunnies doing on that cakestand?! That's an outrage!

  6. That's my funny husband (Edwin)!

  7. Love these ideas! I obviously need a cakestand now!:-)

  8. Great inspiring posts! I am just loving your blogs. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  9. I love fake fruit anywhere and am a big fan :)
    About the eyebrow was about $30 but if I were you, I would look for just the brow powder, a brush, and then buy some cheap clear mascara.
    Thanks for the info about the floors...I might just have to look into that this summer :)

  10. Cool ideas. I may just add cake stand to my wish list.