Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fool's part two; pictures

So April 1st is pretty much over (since the kids are home from school, and there isn't much else to do!) Here are some pictures from the day and a few things we did to have a little fun on April Fool's day! Edwin isn't home from work yet, but I'm hoping he doesn't have anything up his sleeve! He actually told me he was going to put a rubber band around the hand nozzle (whatever that thing is called), on the kitchen sink so when I turned the sink on, the hand sprayer sprayed me! BUT I apparently woke up in a bad mood (don't judge me; I was tired!), and he didnt think I would laugh!

First; I made all the beds backwards. It looks funny since they dont have Footboards! This is Kade and Kai's room
This is Keira's room. She actually saw this, and fixed her bed and I had to make it like this again! She's very organized and meticulous!  (and she's 4)
And this is our room
I woke up this morning, to this LOVELY football helmet on my dresser, and my decorations gone. I found them later though! Thank you Edwin for redecorating our room for April Fool's! ha.
And now; THIS is Edwin's closet! Yet; its filled with my clothes! That's right. I switched our closets. So when Edwin gets home and goes to change his clothes, he'll find mine in his closet! This is just one side of the closet. We have large closets and lots of clothes! Both of us.
This is my closet (yes and some storage stuff) with some of Edwin's clothes and where I put his lovely football helmet. Dont you think it looks better in a closet?!
I even put his shoes, hats, shorts, and pants in my closet.
So that's it on the pictures! Kai wore a sticker to school that says "I eat worms", and I sent both boys with a card that wouldn't open. When they got home from school, I put a different color of food coloring at the bottom of a cup, and when they asked for milk; it poured out white, but filled the cup a color! Kai and Keira said this was the best day ever. They're dying for Edwin to get home to see his closet! 

Now, I have to worry about changing the closets back later! UG. BUT it was worth it. The kids felt special and loved today, and had a good laugh! Keira said, "my mommy is so funny!" Isn't that what it's all about?!


  1. You are so fun! Wow - that must have taken a long time to switch the closets around! I can't wait to hear what your husband's reaction was!

    Are you making something funny for dinner too?


  2. How fun. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in your house today!!

  3. Michelle--you are the cutest, most fun, most thoughtful mommy! I just love reading about your adventures :)

  4. Great stuff.....sounds like the kids had a great day and you had a busy one! Thanks for's always entertaining. Love yall~