Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More baseballs; It's a boy!

Here are our baby boy's photo-shoot pictures! The heart rate was 168 (so the heart rate theory that its a girl if its over 140 did NOT work for us! ha), and the baby is a mover and a shaker! He was all over the place, and the dr. asked me if I drank caffeine that morning (I had not!) We were able to see the baby yawn and move his tongue around! The baby is now flipped and his head is way down yonder.  

I"m feeling great and have nothing to complain about! I get paranoid about everything though; ask Edwin. I was more concerned about making sure the baby was healthy and growing on track (since I'm apparently not growing too much yet!). All my little baby journals say its completely normal to be a bit paranoid about things, and more emotional about your baby's growth and development! So I'm normal; back off. 

My next Apt. is January 5th (next Tuesday!). It's my 20 week appointment; 5 months, the half way mark! I'm not nearly as big as I thought I would, or should be! 

FOOT (toes on the right)

IT'S A BOY (pretty obvious)
19 weeks (trying my best to make my belly look the biggest!)
Our first purchase!
Keira will remain our only princess!


  1. What a miracle! Just to know that God already knows everything about him, that He gave him to you & Edwin. . . You are blessed!!! Relax & enjoy every minute.
    We love ya'll, Patti & Martin

  2. As the Mom of two boys I love little guys....You and Keira can share the queen/princess role with no competition. :)

    Congrats...and you look GREAT! Enjoy! This is the fun zone!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting for you :) Happy New Year!

  4. Congratulations! I have to admit I was hoping for a girl for Keira's sake, but who can be disappointed about a precious baby boy?? Not me! We are so happy for yall and are excited to meet the newest member to the family!
    God Bless and we love yall!

  5. yay!!! congratulations! boys - everywhere!!!!! PS - your bump is adorable!

  6. He's gonna be a cutie! Wonder if he'll be a blondie, like you, amongst all those little dark headed Twitty's????...funny to think about!

  7. Congrats on your little boy! Gonna be fun! Oh, just wait. . . the fun part is yet to come. Pregnancy for me was neat but I was glad when they were OUT!! :)