Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy 4 months in the womb baby Twitty!

I had another uneventful doctor's appointment today. I say uneventful, because they go so quick and I didnt even get to talk to the doctor this time!

Go pee in a cup.  Perfect; it's time to empty my bladder again anyways. 

Then I waited for the dr. to come in; and waited.

and waited. 

She poked her head in, and said she had to deliver a baby! Well, that is her job; but, I was left sitting there feeling like my 16 week appointment time was robbed! I tried to steal some of her time and explain that I've been sick and needed some meds! 

Her poor patient was probably pushing, while I was complaining about my cough. 

The nurse then came in and gave me the H1N1 shot. I wasn't going to get it; after speaking to a lot of people and getting their opinions, but I've had a lot of the symptoms this past week and they almost insisted. 

It hurt. 

BUT the best part was, I was able to hear baby Twitty's heartbeat again! Last month, it took the nurse FOREVER to find it. I was laying there on the table freaking out as she was saying. "hum...I can't find it."

Not this time! The heartbeat was loud, and clear, and fast! Maybe baby Twitty is already type A. 

I also lost 3 pounds. How is that possible?! I"m not really even showing, and now I loose 3 pounds?! I have to push out (yes; I am "bloated", but a little pushing out helps my cause), and can't wait for my belly to grow; and I loose 3 pounds. sheesh. 

I suppose all my coughing this past week, has really given my abs a work out!

Speaking of all my coughing...my poor husband isn't getting any sleep during the night, since I'm up all night coughing.  I may sleep on the couch tonight. 


So this is me lately...

I know...it's such a lovely shot! ha. I'll take more later, but that's it for now! 


  1. Nobody sleeps on the couch in our house! It's a rule!

  2. Neat about the heartbeat! That's wonderful that it's so strong and clear! Stay well! Fun weekend ahead...choo-choo...chug a chug a chug a chug! hee-hee!

  3. What a miracle. Thanks for allowing us to share in your joy. As for those 3 pounds you lost. . . I found them. Love ya, Patti

  4. Michelle, first of all, congratulations!! So excited to be having a baby. I know you have tons of support from your wonderful family.
    Just wanted to pipe in since you complained a little about your doctor being too busy to see you...have you looked into switching to the care of a midwife?? I am SUCH a believer in the amazing pre and postnatal care they give. I always got half an hour to an hour to talk about all my symptoms, fear, questions at my appointments and then they stay with you through the entire labor, supporting your birth plan/wishes. Talk to some other mamas who have used midwives, and maybe give it some thought!! Good luck in this amazing journey!

  5. I second the praise for midwives! Can't say enough about the difference in experience.

    Oh, and I say Edwin sleeps on the couch. :)

    Your big brother.

  6. The pregnancy weight comes and goes...no problems to worry about. And I can totally see the baby bump! TOO CUTE!