Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Decor

We decorated for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving! Crazy, but I was ready for it!

 Making the most of our rent house, this holiday season! We're crossing our fingers we wont be in this place past the summer. Please Lord!

Family room
View from kitchen

And the break down of the goods....

Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

Our tray on our ottoman 
Sparkly pinecones and snowballs!

My bell jar; a few sparkly ornaments on the end table
Fireplace mantel
Yummy smelling pinecones in my apothecary jars

My cake dome 
TV armoire 
I had these in tall glass cylinders last year, but I couldn't find them. I decided to just throw them together in this hurricane, for one crazy arrangement! 
Dining table
I love these candles in my lanterns! 
Just a few sparkly ornaments, add a little extra touch to the chandelier. I had a lot of other ideas I wanted to do, but didnt want to spend any more mula!

Thank you Hobby Lobby, for making all my dreams come true! Well, at least for making me decor happy! See you for the after Christmas sales!

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  1. Okay, get this...I was just at your other blog and thought I had never 'met' you before, then I checked out this blog and was like "ohhhhhh, I know her!" Sorry, I didn't recognize the other picture. I have been out of the loop way too long! Your house looks fantastic. Don't you just love breaking out all the Christmas goodies?

    Congrats on your pregnancy, you must be so excited, and you LOOK MAHVELOUS DAHLING!

    See you soon,