Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas pictures revised

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Opening stockings First
The big present for the boys; an X box and games

The mess

Keira with her Fancy Nancy Shoes, and pup in a purse!

And some pictures from our time in Dallas...

Hubby and Keira about to open stockings
Papa Judy, my daddio, and Kai reading cards
Edwin and Keira
Kade opening his I Pod Touch! I have seriously never seen him squeal as much as he did!

Kai playing with his little men. It's his favorite thing to do!
Keira loving on her giant doll from Great Grandpa. He unexpectedly passed away on Christmas Eve
The boys burning stuff

Keira and Adelaide cozy on the couch
Ethan and Kai playing with their Star Wars tanks; under the piano
The Twitty's
Crazy shot
Crazy family (minus my sister in law; Heidi)
 Family picture after my grandpa's funeral
We do a lot of crazy shots; its for the kids, ya know?!
Hope ya'll had a great Christmas and New Year! Ours was filled with joy and sorrow, but we were surrounded by family whom we love, and it was a blessed time.