Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kai's baptism

Kai was baptized and it was very sweet! Edwin was in the baptistry with Kai, and I was sitting in the service with family and Kade and Keira. It brought tears to my eyes seeing him! Jon, the associate Pastor, had a conversation with Kai a few weeks ago about his decision, and asked Kai if he knew what the word "sins" were. Edwin said Kai had tears in his eyes, as he talked about his sins! Kai was rather nervous standing in front of everybody, but he was ready to make his decision for The Lord. So precious. He's the only kid, or person, I've ever seen to still have perfect hair after being dunked!


  1. precious .. just precious.

  2. What an exciting moment. I'm so happy for your family!


  3. wow, michelle that is one of the sweetest things ever! that is quite a little guy you have there. congrats to your sweet family.

    i pray you and baby are feeling good.


  4. To know that our grandchildren will join us all in eternity with Jesus one day brings me more peace than anything in this life. I'm so thankful for his decision and am praying for the rest of the children in our family to also realize their need for salvation.
    Kai's face is so sweet!

  5. You did two blogs in one day!?!?!?...makes me feel so behind on our bloggy life! Anyways, YAY for Kai! But AW MAN...wish we would have known so we could come and show him how proud we were! Tell him for us! The most important decision he'll ever make...and he looks so precious in the pics!

  6. Having to use family's computer since ours isn't hooked up yet from the move so I think my comment got deleted or something? Anyway, here it goes again . . .SO proud of Kai-boy for accepting the Lord. Wish we would've known and we would've come to celebrate in his baptism. CAN"T wait to see everybody at Polar Express! So excited, c-y'all soon!

  7. Add Martin & I to the list, we also would love to have been there, but we rejoice with you & all the angels. I can only imagine what kind of celebration that Jesus & Randa are having.
    Heaven will have one more of the fam . . . we pray for all our little ones that they will make the same choice. We love ya'll P & M