Tuesday, November 17, 2009

50's day for Keira, and week 13 of pregnancy!

Week 13. Let's be honest. I'm pulling my dress tight, and am bloated looking today. I dont look like this everyday, but I wanted to take a picture! ha. 
without pulling my dress tight. You can't really tell much...
Keira's 50's day at school
She just poses on her own!
Pretty girl


  1. Your dress is so cute.
    And the 50s day outfit is precious. She is adorable!

  2. 50's outfit is precious and the baby bump is beautiful!

  3. How precious life is. And isn't it just like GOD to give us days where we can actually see a little bit (or a little bump) of what's to come. Love ya'll, P & M

  4. There's definitely a bump....exciting stuff! "Peanut" is growing!
    Oh and again, Keira looks precious.....Good job on the dressup days! She'll remember all your efforts to make her days special!
    Love yall!

  5. What a cute little bump. Hmmm, thinkin' she's gonna look like a Twitty. They have strong genes. I just said "she" and didn't even realize it. Tell the kiddos hi. We'll miss y'all at Danbury but know you're having fun too.

  6. not strange at all - I always make Freeland look at pictures of other people's stomachs too! I feel like right around 18-20 weeks was when my stomach really started growing. But then at 22 weeks its started popping out even more. Its strange to see it now & think its going to get even larger! Cant wait to see more pictures of you & hear how youre doing!

  7. You and your family are absolutely adorable! Congrats on the little bump, and I'm sure we'll both be ginormous by Christmas.

    You have a new follower. :)